Looking For The Perfect Nude Lipstick? Keep These Things In Mind

Written by Urvi DalalJan 25, 2023
Looking for the perfect nude lipstick? Keep these things in mind

Reds and pinks sure have their place in our beauty kits, but no girl can do without a beautiful nude, that MLBB shade. A nude lip colour is the perfect way to complement a heavy eye makeup look, tie your entire look together or just add a hint of colour to your lips without looking OTT.

Whatever your reason to look for the perfect nude lip colour for yourself, one thing is absolutely clear, just like the perfect red, there is that one nude lipstick for everyone out there. Read on to find out what you should keep in mind before buying a nude lipstick.


Determine your skin tone

Keep your options open

The first step towards finding the right nude shade for you is to begin with figuring out your skin tone. This will help you find out the kind of shade that looks good on you, because something too light will make your lips disappear and something too dark will defeat the purpose of a nude lipstick.


Keep in mind your undertone

Keep your options open

The whole point of a nude lipstick is to make you look fresh, glowing and natural; not washed out and ill. Indian skin tones usually have a warm undertone, and therefore nude lipsticks with a little bit of brown or warm pink undertone will look natural and give you the desired result.


Your natural lip colour also plays a role

Keep your options open

Apart from your skin tone and its undertone, the colour of your lips also plays an important role in determining the perfect nude lipstick for you. If you have pigmented lips, consider that as well before picking one. Always pick a nude lipstick that is either exactly identical or just one shade darker than your natural lip colour.


Swatch them before making the purchase

Keep your options open

When it comes to buying a nude lipstick, it is best to go to a store instead of ordering one online. This is because sometimes the shade in the tube looks completely different from how it shows up on your lips. Therefore, it is best to properly swatch the lip colour and find out if the shade matches what you have in mind.

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Keep your options open

Keep your options open

Here’s the thing, you shouldn’t just take a look at what your friend or your fave beauty influencer is wearing and opt for it. Try out different shades till you’re happy with one. We suggest picking from the 10 new nude shades of Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Liquid Lip Color which adds colour to your lips in one stroke. With an inbuilt primer that avoids creases to give you a smooth finish, this matte lipstick is perfect for your nude makeup look. It also happens to be transfer and smudge-proof so you can go 26 hours straight without any touch-ups.

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