Picture this: You’re almost done with your makeup and loving what you see in the mirror. But, it’s time to apply blush and (oops) you applied a little too much and end up looking like the perfect candidate for a vacancy at the circus. Annoying, isn’t it? Now, before you start panicking and decide to re-do your makeup, hear us out. There are several ways to salvage this situation and none of them includes re-doing your makeup. Yes, really!

Here’s how you can tone down that blush in 3 easy steps:

how to fix too much blush

Step 01: Take a beauty sponge and wet it. Wring off the excess water

Step 02: Take the damp sponge and gently dab it on your cheeks (over the excess blush) — This will definitely reduce the intensity of the blush without ruining the rest of your makeup.

Step 03: Lastly, take some foundation on a stippling brush and apply the foundation on your cheeks using a stippling motion. This will give you a beautiful flushed-from-within look that you were initially trying to create.