If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and thought how your nose could easily resemble a bird’s beak, then you’re not alone. While you can’t change the shape of your nose with a snap of your fingers, you can use makeup to help it appear slimmer.

Yep, you can make your nose look smaller by expertly wielding a nose contour brush and some bronzer. The perfect nose contour and highlight can make all the difference--for real! Stay tuned for a step-by-step tutorial on how to contour your nose.

How to make your nose look slimmer

Step 01: Before you begin contouring your nose, give your skin an even tone finish by applying your go-to foundation and concealer. This will make the bronzer look a lot more natural on your skin.

Step 02: Pick a contour product of your choice. Remember to always choose a product that is at least two shades darker than your natural skin tone. We recommend that you use the darker shade from the Lakmé Absolute Highlighter - Moon-Lit. Draw two straight lines on the sides of the nose. Use an angled brush to draw these contour lines. Start from the brow bone and go down till the end of your nose.

Step 03: From the same palette, use the highlighting shade on the bridge of your nose. Apply a thin line from the top of your nose to the end. It helps emphasise the bridge for a thinner appearance.

Step 04: Blend the contour lines and highlighter using a makeup sponge or a fluffy brush to give it a seamless, natural finish. Ensure that there are no visible streaks or harsh lines.

Step 05: To ensure that your highlight and contour stays right in place, sweep a little bit of a compact powder over your nose. This is also a great trick to prevent extra shine and give your face a matte finish.

Image courtesy: Instagram