Here’s How To Apply Every Type Of Foundation For A Flawless, Even Finish

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Here’s how to apply every type of foundation for a flawless, even finish

Wondering how celebrities manage to flaunt smooth and gorgeous skin at all time? Well, if you have a village to ensure that you look your very best at all times, we’re sure you’d be sporting flawless skin every day too.

But we have good news; you don’t need an army to give you flawless skin, instead, all you need are a few handy tips and tricks to do the job. And guess what? We’re going to teach you how to nail the foundation application for that gorgeous finish. So whether it’s a liquid, powder or stick foundation that you’re loving, here’s how to apply it perfectly for a smooth and even look.


Liquid foundation – best suited for all skin types

Tinted moisturiser – best suited for all skin types

Liquid foundation glides on to the skin like an absolute dream. Since it spreads so easily, it provides amazing coverage and hides imperfections beautifully.

How to apply: It is important to avoid streakiness and harsh lines when working with a liquid foundation and therefore, it is advisable to use an egg-shade sponge with a flat base or a flat-topped brush. You can either use both the products individually, or use them together, depending on your preference. After blending the foundation with the brush, simply dab the sponge on areas where you need extra coverage. This will make the foundation sit beautifully on your skin.

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Powder foundation – Best suited for oily skin

Tinted moisturiser – best suited for all skin types

Powder foundation are super convenient to use and easy to apply. And since they come in a compact case, they are extremely easy to use on-the-go too. But since it has a drier formula, it is best to use powder foundations on oily skin that does not have too many fine lines and wrinkles. This type of foundation provides decent coverage and a more lightweight, natural-looking finish.

How to apply:

Start with patting the powder foundation on to your face using the puff provided. Although it provides sheer coverage, it is a great way to control oil on your face. You can either wear it all over your face to control oil if you have oil skin or simply on your T-zones using a small fluffy brush if you have combination skin.

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Stick foundation – best suited for acne-prone skin

Tinted moisturiser – best suited for all skin types

If you want your foundation to cover acne and blemishes, then you should opt for a stick foundation. The thicker consistency covers flaws like a pro. Stick foundations can also double up as concealers and can be used for spot concealing if you’re not into full coverage.

How to apply: When it comes to using and blending a stick foundation, it is a really hassle-free job. You can either use a damp beauty sponge or a buffer brush to buff the product into your skin. Blend well for a beautiful, airbrushed finish.


Tinted moisturiser – best suited for all skin types

Tinted moisturiser – best suited for all skin types

A tinted moisturiser provides sheer coverage; it won’t mask heavy discoloration or blemishes. However, if you’re looking for a more natural finish, a tinted moisturiser is your best bet. It’s perfect for the summers due to its lightweight texture.

How to apply:

It is best to apply a tinted moisturiser using the warmth of your fingers. This will blend it into your skin like a dream and deliver a flawless finish.

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