There are many different tools you can use to apply foundation on the face; some prefer using their fingers while others opt for a makeup sponge. Another common and widely used tool for applying foundation is… no points for guessing, a makeup brush. The upside of using a makeup brush is that it helps get the job done quickly, minus the mess and considering the times we’re living in, maintaining utmost hyigiene is more important than ever.

Whether you’re a makeup novice or skilled beauty enthusiast, there’s always room for improvement. After all, foundation forms the base of your makeup and it is vital that you learn how to achieve a perfectly flawless base with the help of a makeup brush. Ahead, a step-by-step guide to applying foundation using a brush.

how to apply foundation with a brush

But before moving on to that here are a few other things to take into consideration for that perfect base.

  • Use liquid foundation: Liquid foundation works best with brushes. Thick and creamy texture may end up looking streaky.
  • Pick a synthetic brush: A medium-sized synthetic brush is apt for applying foundation as it covers more area and can be used to create a full-coverage look.
  • Start with a clean brush: Before placing the brush on your face, make sure your brush is clean; any leftover product from the previous application will make the foundation look cakey.

how to apply foundation with a brush

How to use a foundation brush:

Step 01: Pour some liquid foundation on the back of your hand and dip the brush into it.

Step 02: Start at the centre of your face and blend outwards. Use short, paint-like strokes as you move the brush outward for a natural finish.

Step 03: Continue to buff in circular motions; pay attention to hard-to-reach areas that need more coverage.

Step 04: Blend the product properly along the jawline to make the skin on your neck and face look even. If you need more coverage, simply add more foundation and blend accordingly.