Wearing a full coverage foundation during the monsoon sounds like a beauty faux pas, doesn’t it? A few drops of rain and your entire makeup is doomed. But as real as this problem is, all of us have days where we need to wear a heavier foundation in order to put our best face forward.

And to make those days simpler and mess-free, here are three expert tips that will ensure that even the most full coverage foundation would not budge, come rain or shine!

full coverage foundation during monsoon

01. Always use a primer

Primers aren’t just another extra step in your makeup routine; they actually are the superheroes that keep your makeup firmly in place, especially during the monsoon. Always ensure that you apply a generous amount of primer before moving on with the rest of your base makeup to prevent it from smudging and running down your face.

full coverage foundation during monsoon

01. Use a damp sponge

Using a damp sponge is a great way to give your makeup a super natural and airbrushed finish. It helps the foundation sink into your skin rather than just sit on top, making it harder to wash away. This also prevents your makeup from looking cakey.

full coverage foundation during monsoon

02. Use foundation sparingly

Another great tip to ensuring that your full coverage foundation does not run down your face during the monsoon is to use as little product as possible. Apply foundation only on those areas that really need coverage. Also, start with a tiny amount and build it up as you go.

full coverage foundation during monsoon

04. Prime and set

Finally when you are done with applying your makeup, ensure that you set it in place using either a setting spray or powder. This will ensure that your makeup settles onto your skin, which makes it harder for it to budge.

Main image courtesy: @janhvikapoor