There Is A New Gel Primer In Town Claiming To Be A Saviour For Oily Skin! Team Bebe’s Sanya Reviews...

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
There is a new gel primer in town claiming to be a saviour for oily skin! Team BeBe’s Sanya reviews...

The job of any makeup primer is to create the perfect base for your foundation to go on smoothly and give your skin a velvety matte finish, right? But most primers failed to do this simple task for me; they just stood there and watched my makeup melt! I kept blaming my oily skin type and the weather for their inefficiency. However, recently I got my hands on the newly launched Lakmé Absolute Under Cover Gel Face Primer and let’s just say I’ve finally discovered what matte skin feels like!

bebe reviews sanya primer savior for oily skin

The struggles of living a life with oily skin are far too many. I spend a good part of my day blotting away oil from my skin or applying compact to make it look matte. But no matter what I do my t-zone is covered under a large veil of oil. If that isn’t enough my foundation starts to melt around lunchtime and all I am left with is a pile of oil blotting sheets and tissues. I’ve tried all sorts of formulas and textures, including the ones specially formulated for oily skin type but for the longest time nothing worked!

bebe reviews sanya primer savior for oily skin

Being a beauty writer comes with its perks, we are constantly updated on new launches, trends and are usually the first ones to try new products (I know you want my job now). So when I came across the newly launched Lakmé Absolute Under Cover Gel Face Primer, I thought let’s put another primer to test.

Before I tell you how it felt on my skin, here’s something you should know – when I used my first blotting sheet of the day out of habit there was no oil on it! I was surprised but didn’t want to get my expectations too high. Come lunchtime and my makeup was still in place, that’s never happened before. This is how I found my knight in shining armour to curb all the shine on my face.

The transparent gel formula gets evenly spread on the skin to give a velvety feel. It gets quickly absorbed and does not feel like an extra heavy layer of product.

bebe reviews sanya primer savior for oily skin

Although it gives a matte finish it does not make my skin dry due to the presence of vitamin E. 

This primer has helped me get over one of my strongly held doubts—makeup primers will never work on my oily skin. But guess what, this one actually did work for my skin and I believe it’s safe to say that this newly launched Lakmé Absolute Under Cover Gel Face Primer is certainly a saviour.

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