Millennial Makeup Dreams Are Made Of This Product! Hint: It’ll Make You Blush

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
Millennial makeup dreams are made of this product! Hint: it’ll make you blush

If you think applying blush is a breeze, think again! While blush is the most underrated product of your makeup kit, it’s also the most intimidating one for any makeup rookie. That’s because growing up (back in the day), blush makeup was associated with a clownish look. And who wants to look overly flushed or clownlike in office or on a date? But what if we tell you that blush has the power to take your makeup game a few notches higher? From enhancing your face shape to bringing out your cheekbones, blush lifts your makeup like no other product. Blush is the one product that is made of millennial makeup dreams!

Having said that, it’s important that you apply not just the right shade of blush to complement your skin tone but also use the right techniques; keeping your face shape into consideration. At times, a slightly off shade or patchiness can ruin the entire look. To avoid such blush blunders, you need to know all the basics of getting your blush right. To help you with the dos and don’ts of blush, here’s a fool-proof guide that will make you fall head over heels in love with this makeup product...


Life-changing blush tips every girl should know

How to perfect the application of blush

The following tips will help this super flattering product work for your skin tone and face shape and make you *blush blush*…


Use tissue over powder to blot

How to perfect the application of blush

OTT blush is a strict no-no! In order to set it, you should blot your blush by holding a tissue to your cheek and then pressing lightly with a makeup sponge instead of dabbing translucent powder over the blush. Doing so can make your skin look dull


Skip shimmery blush as it can magnify bumpy skin

How to perfect the application of blush

While shimmery blush can make your skin look luminous, it’s not a great choice, especially if your skin texture is rough. Did you know? The blush that comes with a slight tint can make your acne, pores and bumps look extremely prominent. Precisely why, you should stick to blush with matte finishes. We suggest you get your hands on the Lakmé 9 To 5 Pure Rouge Blusher - Pretty Pink that gives a matte coverage and a natural finish.


1 blush - 3 uses

How to perfect the application of blush

Who says blush is only for your cheeks? In fact, you’ll be surprised to know how versatile this little product is! Apart from adding a healthy tint to your cheeks; you can also use blush as your eyeshadow by dabbing some pink on your lids and blending well. That’s not all! Blush can double up as a lipstick too. How do you ask? Simply take some blush on your finger and press it to the center of your lips, blending out. And, finish it off with your favourite lip balm.


Use primer to prevent your blush from fading

How to perfect the application of blush

Is the pink glow on your cheeks wearing off by the end of the day? That’s because you’re not prepping your face with primer before applying makeup. Never underestimate the power of primers, ladies! Primer acts as a glue for your blush, making it last longer and look evener.


Pick a shade that complements your skin tone

How to perfect the application of blush

If you want your blush to make a statement, then it’s important to pick the right shade that best suits your complexion. Women who are fairer should opt for peach and pink shades. Those with medium skin tones should ideally pick brighter shades with warm undertones such as apricot pink for a natural, glowy finish. And, women with dusky skin tones should go for bright apricot or cranberry for an ethereal glow.


Blush texture matters

How to perfect the application of blush

It’s not just about picking the right shade of blush. The formula matters equally. While cream blush gives a dewy finish and lasts longer, powder blush is a great choice for people with large pores and makeup newbies. However, both cream and powder blushes are easy to apply. All you need is blending skills. If blended well, any texture can up your glamour quotient. If you want to go for a powder blush, then we suggest you get your hands on the Lakmé Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos - Coral Blush which blends effortlessly and adds a shimmery glow to your cheeks. Whereas, if you are looking for a cream blush, then go for the Lakmé Kareena Kapoor Khan Absolute Cheek Contour - Peach Princess which is ultra creamy and easily blendable.


Layer formulas for a lasting effect

How to perfect the application of blush

If you’re heading for a special occasion and won’t get enough time for mid-day touchups, then master this hack RN! Did you know? For your blush to last longer makeup, you can layer the formulas. Yes, you read that right. After applying your favourite cream blush, layer it with a powdery formula and you won’t need any touchups throughout the day. However, remember that you’re applying two formulas, not two colours. So, use each product sparingly without going OTT with your blush.


How to perfect the application of blush

How to perfect the application of blush

If you want to up your blush game, then you need to keep the following points into consideration...

  • While you can use your fingers to apply cream blush, it is best to use a large blush brush to apply powdery formulas. If you are a makeup expert, then you can simply use the small blush brush that comes with most blush palettes as it is good for applying blush in a defined manner. However, if you are new to the entire blush ballgame, then we suggest you use the large brush which will give you a fuss-free finish.
  • Taking your blush right up to your hairline can give you an unnatural finish. Precisely why, you need to stop as you get to the top curve of your cheekbone.
  • With a blush, less is always more. You don’t want to look like a clown, do you? Therefore, always shake off excess blush from your brush before you apply it to your cheeks. And slowly build up your colour rather than overdoing it in the first go.
  • Blush has the power to own any makeup look. Therefore, if you’re applying a bright lip colour, you must opt for a neutral shade of blush such as the Kareena Kapoor Khan Lakmé Absolute Cheek Contour in Rose Gold for a perfect balance.
  • Don’t know where exactly to apply blush? Simply fake a big smile. Smiling will make the apples of your cheeks pop, thereby giving you a better idea of where to apply.
  • Pick softer, lighter hues such as pink, peach and beige for a day look as it will blend well in natural sunlight. However, for evenings, you can opt for darker blush shades that can add drama to your entire look.
  • Here’s a hack that’ll help you find the perfect blush shade to complement your complexion. All you need to do is pinch your cheeks and then look for a shade that closely matches the colour that appears. Yes, it’s that easy!
  • Ditch cream blush and go for a powdery formula if you have oily skin. Cream blushes will not only give an oily finish but also highlight the oiliness of your skin tone.
  • Always apply blush before highlighter. At times, your blush may have enough sheen to give your cheeks a shimmery glow. In that case, you can totally skip using a highlighter.
  • Avoid applying powder blush over liquid foundation because the pigment will streak, and it’ll be impossible to blend. That’s not all! The powder blush can also grip and settle into any oily patches. Therefore, set your base makeup with setting powder before applying colour on your cheeks.

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