Sweat Proof Makeup Routine To Avoid A Summer Meltdown

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Sweat proof makeup routine to avoid a summer meltdown

The feeling of foundation sweating off is both embarrassing and uncomfortable. With summer knocking on our doors, it’s time we employed a new makeup routine to ensure our makeup doesn’t melt like Popsicle. With just a few changes here and there you can easily protect your favourite makeup look from melting away. Want to know how? Read on...

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Let your skin cool off

Setting spray

After taking a shower allow your body and face to cool off before you start with your skin and makeup routine. Let your skin dry completely before putting on a moisturiser. Putting foundation on warm skin invites breakouts, so avoid doing that.


Spray a face mist

Setting spray

Spraying water on your face may not seem like a good idea in summer for oily skin. But believe us, your skin needs as much hydration as any other skin type. Keep a face mist handy and spritz it on your face from time to stay to look fresh.


Setting spray

Setting spray

Setting spray is a must when you want to keep your makeup from sweating off. It keeps everything intact and ensures your look stays put all day long. It is a summer must-have you should definitely splurge on.

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