Contouring is no child’s play. We had never even heard of shadow and light parts of the face until we were introduced to the two beauty fixers—bronzer and highlighter. Not soon after that, everyone became obsessed with contouring and our social media feeds were proof!

Now, while bronzer is, as we all know, used for making your jawline, nose and basically your whole face look thinner and more chiselled, highlighter still remains a mystery. Beauty beginners can often be perplexed with what parts of the face they can and should be highlighting, and where exactly they should be applying it to get the perfect glow.

If you too have the same questions in mind but are too shy to ask your makeup maverick BFF, let us help you with that today. Here are eight places on your face that you should be applying your highlighter on. 

highlighter mapping technique


No surprise here! Take a fan brush and buff the highlighter on the highest point of your cheekbones for chiselled cheekbones.

Inner eye corner

Strobing FTW! Apply a tiny bit of highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes to make your eyes appear awake and bigger, not to mention more gorgeous.

Centre of the lid

Pack some highlighter on with your fingertips to make your eyeshadow pop and add that glam factor to your eye makeup.

Brow bone

Highlighting your brow bone makes your brows look well-groomed and defined. Apply it right beneath the arch of your brow. 

Centre of forehead

This is the highest point of your face that reflects light. Apply highlighter to make your face look contoured and glowy AF!

Cupid’s bow

A well-highlighted cupid’s bow makes your pout appear fuller and plumper, and draws attention to the most attractive feature of your face—your lips. 

Bridge of nose

Applying highlighter on the bridge and bulb (round point) of your nose will make it look thinner and sharper.


For a naturally dewy look and for the reflection of light in the centre of your face, dab some highlighter on the middle of your chin.

Image courtesy: Instagram