The feminine urge to keep up with all the makeup trends, ah! It’s one thing to keep up with what’s trending, but if you are more often than not called extra by your friends and people around you for your eloquent style of well… existing, then these ideas are for you. It’s officially time to take up the throne of being the extra queen—main character energy—and bejewel your lips with these amazing lip art ideas.


01. Dainty pearl moment

Dainty pearl moment

Image courtesy: @ Flacon


Apply your favourite nude shade of lipstick like the Lakmé Absolute Precision Lip Paint in Alluring Nude. Take the pearl bead stickers and outline your lips with them. If you want to take it up a notch, take mini rhinestones or rhinestone stickers and stick them in a wide diamond shape. Perfect online shopping look *ahem, we extra like that!*


02. The glossy aesthetic

The glossy aesthetic

Image courtesy:  @ Wattpad 


Dab a little compact on the lips to mattify them, and then stick your favourite mini graphic stickers on your lips. Apply a clear thick gloss—go for a non-sticky/greasy one to prevent your hair or anything sticking on to it and spoiling your look!


03. LBD- Lips, Black and Diamonds!

LBD- Lips, Black and Diamonds!

Image courtesy:  @ Kelsey


Okay, not real diamonds, but this look just oozes luxury and valiance. Apply a black lipstick, overline your cupid’s bow with rhinestones, and make a line between your lower lip to get a lip piercing feel. Ugh! I want to try this out right now with a big black tulle dress and run down an abandoned castle *things we dream of while sitting at home working on the laptop, phew!* Also, if you feel that black is a little too bold for you, you can go for other dark shades such as the Lakmé Absolute Matte Melt Mini in Wine Voyage.


04. Blue-tiful art

Blue-tiful art

Image courtesy:  @ Boredart

For recreating this look, you’ll need two shades of blue lipstick—a midnight blue shade and a cobalt/cerulean blue. Start by overlining with the darker shade and then apply the lighter one in between. Blend the two to create an ombre look. Once done with the base, take different sized rhinestone stickers and place them on your upper lip going from big to small as you go downwards! This look screams Fantasy villain, and we all love a good-looking and bold antagonist!


05. Red Flagged beauty

Red Flagged beauty

Image courtesy:  @Eleanor Hayes


For all the statement red lovers, this one's for you. Keeping the classics intact, first, go for the Lakmé Absolute Precision Lip Paint - Statement Red and then pick small red stud stickers/red stone stickers and place them without a gap on your upper lip. You’re done! Go waltz and live your extra life in these lips like, now!