Summer is just around the corner and we can already feel the urge to dress in breezy kaftans while sipping on Pina Coladas by the beach. Of course, there’s another thing on our mind- what’s the makeup going to look like this summer? We don’t know about you but we are surely putting away the nudes this season and dabbing on some fun and wild shades to truly get into the summer spirit. Scroll down to see our top five lipstick picks for summer 2022!


01. A tinge of orange

A tinge of orange

Slipping right into the bright spirit, the Lakmé Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Color- Orange Sunshine is definitely on top of our list because it's not only trending hard RN, but helps us amp up our look. This definitely tops the quirk list!


02. A Victorian Magenta twist

A Victorian Magenta twist

This magenta is just the right twist to the colour palette of usual pinks and magentas. The Lakmé Absolute Precision Lip Paint - Victorian Magenta satiates both the bossy and flirty side of your personality and is perfect for any occasion — from a professional lunch meeting to a candle-lit dinner date.


03. Muted yet Bossy tone

Muted yet Bossy tone

Ah! This is another personal favourite for its ashy, muted tones that make the loudest statement. The Lakmé Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Color - Mild Mauve is a great alternative for nude shades as the shade is considerably muted but also sets a strong statement because of its muted brown look.


04. In summers we wear pink

In summers we wear pink

There’s no other colour that screams summer better and louder than the shade Lakmé Cushion Matte Lipstick - Pink Prom. It’s lightweight, breezy and complements every outfit from a breezy floral dress to a classic LBD. We say add this to your vanity and never let go!


05. This summer we go peachy

This summer we go peachy

Keep running towards the nude pinks every time you go makeup shopping? It’s time to try and be peachy with the shade Lakmé 9to5 Primer + Matte Lip Color - Peach Affair. This shade is so goofy yet classy that it literally goes well with every season. It’s fun, fresh and just the right balance between quirk and elegance.