2020 was a fascinating year, especially when we look to the lifestyle aspects of it. Beauty trends revolved around the fact that everyone was in quarantine and social distancing. And while the pandemic indeed resulted in some apparent skincare trends, makeup fared a little differently. From Zoom meetings to virtual weddings and mask friendly makeup, the lipsticks seemed to take a backseat at first. But it did manage to make a comeback pretty quickly, nobody could do without having a nice pout! As a result, some of our favourite lip trends from 2020 are a mix of practical and fun looks. Take a look.


01. The hot pink lip

hot pink lip

Image courtesy: @iamkirtikulhari

2020 started off with a bang, and hot pink pouts were everywhere. This shade is so youthful, flirty and fun. It is a statement, and can be swiped on to upgrade an otherwise minimal look and demands a lot of attention. Plus, we love how chic it looks with a desi ensemble here!

BB picks: Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon - Pink Burst


02. Gradient lips

Gradient lips

Korean makeup had an equally influential year as Korean skincare did, with gradient lips being a particular favourite for makeup artists to create. The subtle stain gives your pout a fresh look and feel. Plus, it can be customised to be either matte or glossy, so there is a perfect gradient lip for everyone out there.


03. 90s diva lips

90s diva lips

Image courtesy: @freshlengths

With wearing a face mask becoming the new normal, matte pouts are more in demand than ever before. This 90s style liner plus creamy matte combination was an unlikely but welcome trend to become popular in 2020.

BB picks: Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner


04. Ultra dark

Ultra dark

The ultra-dark lip trend is slightly different from your usual black/goth pouts. It will have a hint of purple or red underneath to give a good vampy look. It is bold, unapologetic and such a striking look. We love!


05. Strategically overlined

Strategically overlined

Image courtesy: @chiaraferragni

You can thank Kylie Jenner for making obviously, yet strategically, overlined lips vogue again. Whether you are using a pigmented liner, or a nude matte formula, overlining your lips is kinda cool now, and we totally approve of that!

BB picks: Lakme Absolute Matte Ultimate Lip Colour with Argan Oil - Brunch Nude


06. Wine lips

Wine lips

Image courtesy: @glammed_by_lorraine

It was only a matter of time before glossy lips became huge after all 2020 was the year of dewy makeup! The uber glamorous, red pout beats all the other minimal, matte shades that were trending in the first half of 2020, and we are so glad about that!


07. Peachy pouts

Peachy pouts

Image courtesy: @claudianeacsu

Apart from matte formulas that will not budge under the mask, peachy tones also got a lot of attention for daily wear. They add just a hint of colour to your lips, and you wouldn't mind a couple of leftover stains on your mask. The peach pout is also a result of monotone peach faces trending this year, making it such a versatile shade to invest in.

Image courtesy: @maryphillips, @priyankachoprajonas