As complete beauty enthusiasts, one of our favourite things to do is hoard as many lipsticks as we possibly can. Hence, it goes without saying that a lost, broken or otherwise damaged lipstick is a heartbreak we go through from time to time.

While mourning the loss (or melting) of your favourite lipstick is unavoidable (yes, we are looking at you, sun), there is something you can do to fix this problem. With some careful crafting, cutting and melting, you can restore the colour not entirely to its former glory, but almost. Better yet, you can still make the most of your trademark hue without having to spring for another bullet.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to fix a broken lipstick. Read on now, but remember to thank us later!

melted lipstick

How to fix a melted lipstick

Should you ever find yourself in this kind of pickle, the very first thing to do is to place the lipstick in the freezer so that you handle the damage better. If you’re lucky enough and if the lipstick hasn’t completely lost its shape, then you can use it as it is. However, if it has stuck to the inside of the cap or if the lipstick has completely dissolved and turned into something that you can no longer recognise, it is time to use this hack and repot it.

Start by trying to scoop out as much product as you can using a small stick. Transfer this product to a small microwaveable dish and heat it for just a few seconds. Once the lipstick has completely melted, move it to a clean lip balm container. Use a clean, sterilised spoon and gently pat the melted lipstick down into the new container to give it a smoother surface. Finally put it in the fridge and let it sit there for about two to three hours.

During this time, the melted formula will harden and take the shape of its new container. After that, it’s good to go! Use a lip brush to apply it from here on and the colour will look just as it did before it melted.

Picture courtesy: Pinterest