Best Lip Balms For Daily Use: The Top 4

Written by Lopa KOct 21, 2022
Best Lip Balms for Daily Use: The Top 4
If you have dry and chapped lips whether it is summer or winter, you need to invest in the best lip balm for daily use. While the eyes may be the window to the soul and all that jazz, cracked and dull lips can easily ruin your whole look. And especially, if you are a sucker for matte and liquid lipsticks, you need all the help you can get to sport soft and moisturised lips. Well, let’s see how you can achieve that.

Lip balms for daily use – the basics

FAQs on lip balm for daily use

Lips are the most sensitive part of the skin on our face. In our quest for good skin, we often forget about the lips! In lip care, it is essential to apply lip balm as our lips do not have oil glands. Apart from this, it’s important to cultivate healthy habits like drinking enough water and not picking your lips. You can also use a lip scrub or exfoliator to get rid of dried flakes to get a fresh slate of soft and pink lips. But in the meantime, lets’ take a look at which is the best lip balm for daily use. 


4 best lip balms for daily use

FAQs on lip balm for daily use

Lakme Lip Love

Have you ever wanted just a swipe of colour and moisture on your lips before a grocery run or just to get some fresh air? Well, the Lakme Lip Love does its job and more as it is one of the best lip balm for daily use. This tinted lip balm also consists of SPF 15 needed to protect your lips from the harmful UV rays. Available in 10 shades from a soft pink to bright red thanks to the new Gelato collection, you can opt for any colour to suit your outfit or mood. 


Vaseline Lip Therapy Strawberry

FAQs on lip balm for daily use

Here’s another chapstick to add to your list of favourite tinted lip balms. The Vaseline Lip Therapy Strawberry chapstick is ideal for that no-makeup makeup look while moisturising your lips with almond oil, shea and cocoa butter. It is also a favourite among regular users as it lasts for 24 hours and does not need repeated application. 


Vaseline Lip Care Aloe Fresh

FAQs on lip balm for daily use

Vaseline is that timeless go-to that even non-makeup users reach out for. The Vaseline Lip Care range has a collection of lip balms with ingredients ranging from cocoa butter to rose and aloe vera. The Vaseline Lip Care Aloe Fresh includes the OG Vaseline petroleum jelly to treat dryness, SPF 15 to protect against UV rays and the added benefit of aloe vera to lock moisture and soothe chapped lips. 


Vaseline Lip Tin

FAQs on lip balm for daily use

Do you want to go for the usual transparent lip balm or a base before putting on your makeup? Then the original Vaseline Lip Tin is for you. It enriches your lips with vitamin E and petroleum jelly. Say goodbye to chapped and dull lips as it locks in moisture and gives a natural shine to your lips. Get healthy and soft lips that you can either flaunt naturally or cover with matte liquid lipstick without drying them. 


How to use lip balm with makeup

FAQs on lip balm for daily use

Say you have figured out the best lip balm for daily use. But did you know that it can also be used in your makeup to elevate your look? 

  • If you have extremely dry lips, apply lip balm first. If the lip balm has a waxy and oily finish, dab it a little with tissue and then put on your lipstick. 
  • With glossy lips being the rage now, you can also make it work in your favour to hide chapped lips. After applying lipstick, take a transparent lip balm and lightly swipe it over your lips.
  • Here’s another nifty little trick – you can also double up your tinted lip balm as creamy blush or even eyeshadow. 


FAQs on lip balm for daily use

FAQs on lip balm for daily use

1) Is Vaseline good for the lips?

Yes, the original Vaseline Jelly has been used for decades to treat chapped lips and make them soft.

2) Can I use lip balm every day?

Yes. If you have dry lips or have a habit of picking them, apply lip balm regularly and every day to moisturise and keep them soft.

3) How often should you use lip balm? 

If you want to moisturise your lips, you can apply lip balm two to four times a day. However, if you have extremely chapped lips or even eczema, you can apply it even more frequently to keep your lips soft. 

Well, get the best lip balm for daily use and say goodbye to chapped lips. We’ve got you covered from transparent and moisturising chapsticks to tinted lip balms to get that perfect no-makeup makeup look. 

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