Ever stumbled upon a lipstick that looks just like Posh Spice's trademark brown from the 90s? Or a gloss reminiscent of the ones swept on the lips in the early 2000s? Not yet? Well, you just got lucky. Because we have it all. From rose-tinted formulas to brick red paint-pots, these lipstick shades are timeless. We've rounded up our favourite lipsticks along with our go-to shades within each range. Here's why you've gotta buy them ASAP.

1. Peppy in pink

Peppy in pink

Do you apply lipstick clumsily? The Lakmé Absolute Precision Paint Pot - Deep Fushcia comes with an expert lip brush that define the contours of your lips flawlessly. Kind of like a liner and lipstick infused into one product, no? These matte-based shades are highly-pigmented, and deliver to your lips a smooth, velvety finish. From pretty pinks to vibrant reds, this range displays it all. And our favorite? The striking pink in the shade Deep Fuschia. Reserve this one for when you're feeling a little brighter—a little peppier—than usual.


2. Nostalgic 90s

Nostalgic 90s

Looking for a double-duty product that lends a pop of colour to your lips as well as your cheeks? The Lakmé 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color - Alluring Nude is exactly what you're looking for. Available in 20 striking matte shades, these lightweight formulas sit on your skin comfortably, blend in seamlessly, and deliver an instant burst of colour to your look - oh, and there's a shade for every mood of yours! Right now, we're feeling the subtle Alluring Nude! It's there...but not there. Do you get what we mean? If you're feeling the 90s these days, this one's perfect for recreating the iconic supermodel pout. Line your lips with a deep shade of brown, and fill them in with Alluring Nude to complete the look.


3. Minimalistic Mondays

Minimalistic Mondays

Looking for a formula that's shiny and lightweight on the lips? 3D by nature, the Lakmé Absolute Plump And Shine Lip Gloss - Rose Shine is infused with high-shine pigments for shimmery undertones. Perfect for that puckered pout, no? It glides onto your lips effortlessly, and hydrates them for six hours on end! Our personal favorite? Rose Shine. This one's perfect for when you're looking to tone it down a little on the laziest of Mondays.


4. Fun and feminine

Fun and feminine

Yeah, this one pretty much melts into your lips. Even though these shades are mattifying, they are hydrating too. They moisturise your lips for 16 hours, and last you 16 hours too! Equipped with a unique applicator, the Lakmé Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Color - Starlet Pink allows for precise transfer of colour from the tube to the lips. Out of the 25 lovestruck shades, we're loving the girly Starlet Pink so much! Remember how most of us felt like we had to abandon our love for anything pink as young girls? Not anymore. Slap this shade on, and show 'em how it's done.


5. Sultry summers

Sultry summers

Looking for a nourishing lipstick that applies easily? We're gushing over the Lakmé Cushion Matte Lipstick - Pink Summer at the moment. Infused with rose oil extracts derived from France, this one gives your matte lips a moisturised feel. Plus this shade is perfect to include in your vanity for the upcoming summer months.