Lip Contouring Can Make All The Difference To Your Selfie

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
Lip contouring can make all the difference to your selfie

This is the age of Instagram selfies and picture-perfect pouts. And with it, was invented lip-contouring, which gives you fuller-looking, more defined and shapely lips. Just like contouring your cheeks makes them look sharper, contouring your lips will add depth and dimension to your lips.

Once you realise what a difference contouring your lips can make to your look, we are sure you will never take a selfie without having contoured your lips first!

Here is how to do it!


What you need:

lip contouring

A concealer that matches your skin tone and a flat top brush

A lip liner that is in the same shade family, but darker than your lipstick

A lipstick (that matches the lip liner)

A highlighter powder

lip contouring

Step 01

Use a darker lip liner (than the lipstick you want to use) and start by marking an ‘X’ along the V-shaped dip at the centre of your upper lip. This is called the Cupid’s Bow and always start lining your lips by marking an ‘X’ at this point.

Step 02

Define the natural outline of your lips, or draw the outline just outside your natural lip line for fuller looking lips. Connect the lip liner at the outer corners and lightly fill in your lips with the liner. Make sure you fade it towards the centre of your lips.

lip contouring

Step 03

Apply your lipstick all across your lips.

Step 04

Apply a highlighter at the centre of your lips and using your fingers, dab and blend it outwards.

Step 05

Use a flat top, stiff bristle brush to apply concealer and clean up the edges of your lip line, concentrating on the outer corners. Doing this will add definition to your lips and make the lip colour pop.

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