Pout perfection: How to recreate the 90s supermodel lip trend

Written by Urvi ShahJan 10, 2022

The 90s supermodel lip trend is statement-making and has made an unsurprising comeback this year. From TikTokers and Instagrammers experimenting with the look to the likes of Kim Kardashian and Storm Reid flaunting it with panache, it’s safe to say that supermodel lip trend is here to stay — but with a twist.

Fashioned by Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, and Angeline Jolie back in the day, this trend was defined by a shade of nude on the lips, an unblended outline of liner contouring the borders, and a puckered pout. A new iteration of the look is more wearable in the way that it diffuses the outline into the lighter shade of lipstick. Here’s how you achieve the look.

Here’s what you will need

Image Courtesy: @vivaglammag

Since this is more of a natural look, pick a shade of nude lipstick that’s similar to the colour of your lips. You can use a glossy nude. You should avoid using liquid lipstick since they don’t blend too well. Any other formula works. Because the liner headlines this look, you’ll need a brown one that’s about three shades darker than the lipstick you’re using. There has to be a noticeable difference between the lips and the contours of the lips. Remember that this look thrives on warm tones.

How to recreate the 90s supermodel lip look

Image Courtesy: @people

Before you start, you must prime your lips by exfoliating and moisturising them to slough off any build-up of dead cells on the surface. A DIY honey-sugar scrub is enough for exfoliation, and a standard lip balm is perfect to hydrate your lips instantly. Just like your face, your lips ought to be primed into the perfect canvas for a look to flatter you.  

Start off by lining your lips. Make sure you’re emphasising the edges. You can accentuate the fullness of your lips by overlining them. Begin by overlining at the centre of your upper-lip near the cupid’s bow, and bring the liner down to the natural contours of your lip as you reach the corners of your mouth. Repeat this step for your lower-lip by overlining the centre, and gradually sliding the liner up to your natural lip-line as you’re closing in on the corners of your mouth. This ensures that the overlining looks natural. You don’t want to go overboard with the process though. Remember that overlining is meant to accentuate, not reshape.

Lastly, apply your nude lipstick in the middle of your lips, and work your way outwards. Blend the lipstick into the liner gradually. You can do this with your fingers or a brush. If you’re using a brush, ensure you’re using a soft one that doesn’t leave any defined, hard lines in its trail. If the look doesn’t look complete after the first application, don’t fret. It’s all about layering.

After the first application, blot your lips with a piece of tissue and repeat the steps. Apply liner, lipstick, blend, and blot until you achieve the desired results. And that’s about it!