If you’re looking for the ultimate makeup inspiration for #ThrowbackThursday, we have a fabulous option right here — rosebud lips! Originating in the 1930s, the look has evolved into the go-to lip look for a fuller pout and youthful, almost childlike charm that is unmatched by a neatly drawn matte lip!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create the rosebud lip!

rosebud lips tutorial

Image courtesy: @badgalriri

Step 01: Prep

Classic rosebud lips are supposed to be sleek, even and glossy. As such, make sure your lip is well-scrubbed and moisturised; this will keep the lipstick from bleeding. Also, always remember to exfoliate your lips in a circular motion to avoid damaging them.

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Step 02: Give it a natural flush

Use the red lipstick, or any complementary shade, and dab it onto your lips using your fingers to give it a natural flush. Use your ring finger to dab and rub; this will give it an authentic look. How? Well, because nobody had access to lip brushes back then!

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Step 03: Line your lips

Use a lip liner in the same colour as your lipstick and overline your lips. Use gentle, sketch type movements to really blend the liner pigment with the lipstick. Focus on accentuating the cupid’s bow.

Step 04: Gloss!

As the final step, use a clear lip gloss in the centre of your lips to give it the illusion of being plumper and fuller. Purse your lips once and you're done!

Main image courtesy: @lilyjcollings