The Best Lipstick Shade For Your Complexion

Written by Team BBSep 16, 2023
The best lipstick shade for your complexion
Lipsticks are that finishing touch on your makeup look. Your lip shade can literally make or break your look. While you can swatch lipsticks when shopping, it often can be rather confusing. So, we give you a handy guide on what shades suit which complexions.

If you have fair skin tones

If you have dusky skin tones

If you have a fair skin tone, then bright colours will be the best to apply. Nudes are a no-no as they will make you look washed out. Colours like apricot and corals look flattering. You can also go for mauves and mocha shades.


If you have medium skin tones

If you have dusky skin tones

The beauty of wheatish skin is that it can carry off almost any colour. You are lucky to have this skin tone as you can move from nudes to dark shades and still look stunning. Opt for bronze, cinnamon and copper shades. You can also effortlessly sport rich, deep shades like reds and wines.


If you have dusky skin tones

If you have dusky skin tones

If you have dusky skin, then medium to dark colours will complement your skin. If you want a soft, feminine look, opt for pinks. Shades in brown and berry will flatter you most. You can even go for brick reds, brownish reds and caramel colours for a gorgeous look. Whatever your skin colour, if you want to wear a nude shade, opt for a colour close to your lip colour.

Once you have chosen the lip colour, choose a good quality lip liner of a similar shade. The liner will ensure that your lip colour won’t bleed.

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