Gone are the days when your lips had to be perfectly outlined and your lipstick had to be confined within the boundaries of the lip liner. Why? Well, the latest beauty trend called blurred lips, inspired by a popular K-beauty trend popsicle lips, has taken the beauty world by storm. As the name suggests, blurred lips are a softer lip-look, where the edges are slightly smudged instead of keeping them perfectly defined.

This trend has caught on with your favourite celebs too because of how stunning it looks. Best part? It’s super easy to achieve and can be mastered in three simple steps. Check it out…

blurred lips trend

Image courtesy: @cherriesnow

Step 01: Since this lip trend is about giving your lips the effect of just having eaten a popsicle, the effect just comes out better if you have smooth and hydrated lips. Therefore, ensure that you scrub your lips to get rid of all the dead skin and follow it up a hydrating lip balm like the Vaseline Lip Therapy Chapstick.

Step 02: Next, take a neutral lip liner which is one or two shades darker than your skin tone and very lightly draw a think line but don’t fill in the centre just yet. You can go a little above your natural lip line for this look.

Step 03: Take a lip tint of your choice and apply a little bit to the centre of your lips. Diffuse this colour by patting your ring finger over it for an extremely natural look. Drag the tint a little upwards and mix it with the lip liner to give it that beautiful ombre effect.

And ta-da, you’ve mastered the blurred lips. Simple, isn’t it?

Main image courtesy: @gigihadid and @debasreee