How To Pick The Perfect Shade Of Nude Lipstick For Different Skin Tones

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
How to pick the perfect shade of nude lipstick for different skin tones

Nude lipsticks are one of the most versatile makeup products to own. It can perfectly balance out a smokey eye and be the saving grace of a ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. While nude lipsticks form an essential part of one’s makeup collection, picking the right shade can be tricky. Choosing the wrong colour can make you look completely washed out and ghostly.

The trick to picking the best nude shade for yourself is by choosing one that complements your skin tone. Here's how to pick the right shade depending on your skin tone.


Fair skin tone

Pro tips

If you have fair skin, it's best to create a look with a shade that is closest to your natural lip colour. Don’t go any lighter as it can make you look ghostly. Keeping your undertone in mind, opt for a shade that has a slight hint of pink in it to add some warmth and colour to your skin.

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Medium skin tone

Pro tips

Don’t pick colours that are lighter than your skin tone; it can make you look completely washed out. Pick a colour that's slightly darker than your lips. A hint of peach here and a touch of caramel there will complement your warm brown undertone and make you look super chic.

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Dusky skin tone

Pro tips

Unlike fair and medium skin tone, dusky skin can easily pull off a shade lighter than their actual foundation shade. Move on from pink and look for deeper berry hues and browns with a hint of orange or red in it. Milk and dark chocolate nudes are already a fan fave with deeper skin tones. You can add a touch of drama with gold and frosted finish nudes to complement your skin tone.

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Pro tips

Pro tips

A couple of things to keep in mind while applying a nude lipstick:

  • Prep your lips with a lip scrub to smooth out the uneven texture that might show through your nude shade.
  • Nude lipsticks tend to be chalkier. So don't forget to use a lip balm before applying lipstick for a smoother application.
  • While wearing a nude lip that is similar to your skin tone, add some texture with a creamy or glossy formula.

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