While it’s safe to play with nude and light colours, it takes courage and effort to pull off a dark lipstick colour. Bright and neutral colours are easy to style and can go with anything, whereas, darker colours can get you to re-think your choice of outfit. But in the end, it’s all about experimenting and making the most of the colours available out there. 

If you’re someone who still procrastinates before reaching out for that dark lip colour in your vanity kit, then we’re here to help you pull it off like a pro. Yes, ladies! Follow these simple tips and you’ll be in love with dark lipstick shades before you know it. 

Types of Dark Lipsticks - Only the Best   

Let’s talk about the different dark lipstick shades that you can add to your beauty routine. 

1. Dark Red Lipstick 

Red is one of those classic, cult favourite shades that can never go wrong. This Lakmé Matte Revolution Lipstick - Bombshell Red is the best for your evening date night look or parties. It is long-wearing and is infused with the goodness of raspberry seed oil known for its deeply nourishing and soothing properties.  

A Full Guide to the Best Dark Lipsticks and How to Wear Them red

2. Dark Pink Lipstick 

Love a dark pink lippie with a rich, comfortable texture that stays put throughout the day? Then Lakmé Forever Matte Liquid Lip Color - Pink Glam is your new best friend! It has an intense matte payoff that lasts long and looks freshly applied for up to 16 hours. The best part? It is extremely lightweight and comfortable on your lips. 

A Full Guide to the Best Dark Lipsticks and How to Wear Them pink

3. Dark Purple Lipstick  

Wearing a purple lip calls for oodles of confidence. But if you’re all up for the drama, look for none other than Lakmé Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Color - Purple Underground. It is enriched with Rosehip Oil that not only gives you glam and intense matte lip color but also the care of soft and supple lips. Your lips can now enjoy this long-lasting, intense matte colour for 16 hours, while also feeling moisturised all the while. This makes it the perfect combination of matte + moisturisation! 

A Full Guide to the Best Dark Lipsticks and How to Wear Them purple

4. Dark Brown Lipstick 

If there is one dark lipstick colour that looks absolutely stunning on all skin tones, it has to be a dark brown lipstick! The Lakmé Absolute Matte Revolution Lip Color - Nutty Chocolate goes undoubtedly well with any makeup look and suits all. It is so featherlight that you wouldn’t feel like you’re wearing one on your lips! Its buttery formula softly hugs lips and sets in a comfortable finish. This liquid matte lip color stays put on your lips owing to its transfer-proof formula so you wouldn’t need to worry about lipstick stains anymore.  

A Full Guide to the Best Dark Lipsticks and How to Wear Them brown

5. Dark Maroon Lipstick 

If you think a maroon lip is only meant to be flaunted on brides, you’re totally mistaken girl! Maroon is one of those versatile dark lipstick shades that blends in well with most outfitts and makeup looks. This Lakmé Forever Matte Liquid Lip Color - Red Sangria comes with an intense colour payoff and a lightweight texture, which makes it extremely comfortable on the lips. It is easy to apply, glides on effortlessly and stays forever fresh. 

A Full Guide to the Best Dark Lipsticks and How to Wear Them maroon

6. Vibrant Pink Lipstick 

If you love a dark pink lip colour, then this colour is like taking one step forward. The vibrant pink that’s been trending for a long time will not disappoint you! Try the Lakmé 9to5 Primer + Matte Liquid Lip Color - Power Pink which is super pigmented, bright, and cheerful. It comes with a revolutionary formula with a built-in primer that smoothens your lips to give you a crease-less finish. It is transfer-proof, smudge-proof and waterproof and will last all day long. The intense matte color glides on easily and stays effortlessly smooth and matte, no matter what!  

A Full Guide to the Best Dark Lipsticks and How to Wear Them vibrant pink

7. Dark Coral Lipstick 

Dark coral lipstick is a universally flattering lip colour since it is an amalgamation of pink, red, and orange tones. The Lakmé Forever Matte Liquid Lip Color - Orange Tango brings an intense matte payoff that lasts long and looks freshly applied all day long. This deeply pigmented shade provides your lips with a long lasting colour that stays put for up to 16 hours. 

A Full Guide to the Best Dark Lipsticks and How to Wear Them coral

How to Wear Best Dark Lipsticks – A Full Guide   

Keep these tips in mind when you wish to wear a dark lipstick colour. 

Tip 1: Keep the rest of your face makeup minimal  

The key to making your dark lipstick colour stand out is to keep the rest of your face makeup minimal. Avoid playing up your eyes and go for a natural no-makeup makeup look. In other case, if you want to go all out and experiment, then here’s a trick to achieve a monochromatic flush. Blend a dab of your lip colour onto your cheeks, and voila! Remember that it’s all about balancing the colours well. 

Tip 2: Never forget your lip liner  

If you want to wear dark lipstick like a pro, then never skip lip liner. If a saturated colour is not even around the edges, it can bring down your entire look. Use the Lakmé Absolute 3D Lip Definer - Ruby to perfect your shape. The soft and gliding formula of the pencil promises to lock in colour and prevent colour bleeding. 

Tip 3: Apply the lipstick with your fingers  

If you’re still wary of the dark shade looking too loud on you, then simply apply the lipstick with your fingers rather than directly from the bullet/applicator. This will give a sheer wash of colour and look like a dark lip stain. Try this technique with the Lakmé 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip And Cheek Color - Pink Lace

Tip 4: Pick a shade that complements your skin tone  

Switching to darker lip shades does not mean that you pick any dark lipstick without knowing whether it’ll go well with your complexion or not. Remember that there is a shade for every skin tone. It is only ideal to pick the one that complements yours! If a berry shade is not flattering enough, then try a plum. But go for the one that looks best on you. 

Tip 5: It's safe to try a trendy shade  

If purple lippies are trending, then go ahead and flaunt it and you won’t be judged. Trying a trendy shade will make you bold and experimental. 

FAQs about Best Dark Lipsticks & How to Wear them 

How to choose a dark lipstick colour? 

Choosing a dark lipstick colour is all about making a statement, without any rules. Find a dark lipstick that aligns with the colour payoff and intensity you’re looking for. Wear that lippie with all your confidence and go all out! But if you are looking for that one fail-proof shade, hear it out. If you have a fairer skin tone, a deep red lipstick would look amazing on you. If you have a medium/olive skin tone, look out for a deep brown shade. If you have a ricker skin tone, opt for dark maroons and dark plums.  

How to stop dark lipstick shades from bleeding? 

To prevent your dark lipstick shades from bleeding, use a translucent powder or a setting powder after applying your lipstick. Use a fluffy brush to set your lipstick in place with a thin layer of powder. This will ensure that there is no bleeding.