Ever wondered how do celebrities pose with a perfect pout every single time on the red carpet or at star-filled events? Do you also want to flaunt the same luscious and bold lips? The key lies in how to use lip liner for those perfectly defined lips.  

All makeup enthusiasts have at least browsed the internet once searching on how to apply lip liner and lipstick video tutorial. A lip liner is one of the most underrated steps in a makeup routine. It can be challenging to ace the lip liner application in one go but we have some tips to keep in mind for that perfectly defined lip shape. And for people with small lips, these liner tricks can really change the game. Read on to know on how to apply lip liner to small lips.    

How to Put on Lip Liner to Ace the Subtle Look: The Basics 

A lip liner can be used for many reasons, the most common being to define the lips. A lip liner provides a foundation for the application of lipstick. Not only does it make lipstick last longer, but it also prevents it from bleeding into the fine lines around your lips.  

A lip liner is not essential when putting on lipstick, but it definitely adds depth and volume to your lips for a complete and put-together look. If you want fuller lips but aren’t into the whole filler hype, lip liners can be your easy cheat code to achieve that perfect, symmetrical and plump pout.  

Lip liners can also enhance the colour intensity of a lipstick. They can also be worn alone or with a lipstick or a lip gloss for a multi-dimensional effect. Read on to know on how to apply lip liner, how to match lip liner and lipstick and tips on how to put on a lip liner like a pro. 

Tips on How to Put on Lip Liner to Ace the Subtle Look 

1. Start with Exfoliation: 

Here's How to Put on Lip Liner to Ace the Subtle Look

While we often exfoliate our face from time to time, we forget to give the same love and care to our lips. Exfoliation is important to revive and moisturise our lips. It helps in removing flaky and dry skin from the lips. A lip liner and lipstick can glide on smoothly on exfoliated lips. Use a DIY lip scrub at home and exfoliate your lips once a week. Apply a lip balm post exfoliation for hydration. Use a paper to blot your lips to remove extra lip balm, and then start applying the lip liner. You can watch a useful video on how to exfoliate your lips here

2. Select Your Lip Liner Shade: 

Here's How to Put on Lip Liner to Ace the Subtle Look

The lip liner shade should be of the similar shade to your lipstick. Whether it is a nude, red or pink lipstick, the base of the lipstick needs to be from the same, or similar, shade family. If you’re unsure, opt for a neutral or universal shade that can work with a variety of lipstick colours. Select a lip liner that is creamy and has satin finish so that it does not dry out your lips.  

Our recommendation is the new Lakme Absolute 3D Lip Definers. These lip liners have a rich, super creamy formulation that glides on smoothly. These liners deliver an even colour with a soft and flawless finish and have an impressive staying power. They are available in six different gorgeous shades.  

3. Outline Your Cupid’s Bow: 

Here's How to Put on Lip Liner to Ace the Subtle Look

A lot of makeup artists and beauty experts suggest outlining the lips from the cupid’s bow, the centre part of your upper lip. If you have small and thin lips, start lining slightly above your natural lip line to make your lips fuller. Trace your top lip first and continue to follow the natural lip line to the outer corners. Repeat the same on your bottom line. One mistake to avoid is to never underline the lips. Slight overlining will give you a plumper look. 

4. Fill in the Lips 

Here's How to Put on Lip Liner to Ace the Subtle Look

Filling in the lips with the liner is equally important. This will create a base for your lipstick, ensuring that the lipstick stays in place without feathering or bleeding. Also, applying the liner just on the borders of the lips will create a distinct difference between the liner and the lipstick. Hence, it is advisable to fill in the liner on the entire lips. You can also blend two shades of lip liner to create a custom colour. 

5. Blend the Liner 

Unless you’re going for the early 90s makeup look, blending the lip liner is essential, even when using the exact matching shade to your lipstick. To create a seamless look, soften the edges of the lip liner at the centre using a tiny brush or with your fingers. This will help distribute the colour evenly. Do not buff the outer line. The goal is to create an ombre shading towards the centre of the lips, but to maintain a crisp and smooth outer line. 

6. Apply Lipstick 

Here's How to Put on Lip Liner to Ace the Subtle Look

Take your favourite lipstick matching to your lip liner and start applying with a brush or directly if you are a pro. Using a brush will give you even distribution of the colour and control on the amount of lipstick you need to use. Choose a hydrating lipstick that lasts for a longer duration without drying out your lips. Try Lakme 9to5 Primer + Matte Lip Colors that comes with a built-in primer that delivers an even, matte finish and a smudge-proof formula that lasts through the day. If you want to learn how to apply lipstick perfectly as a beginner, watch a great guide here

7. Clean the Edges with Concealer  

A great tip to achieve that perfect pout is to clean the edges of the lips after lipstick application. Applying concealer not only cleans the edges but also creates well-defined lines especially when using a bold colour. If you do mess up, take a cotton swab, dip it in makeup remover and clean up any smudges or mistakes around the lip line. Since micellar water or makeup remover is non-oily, it will prevent the lipstick from featuring or bleeding. 

FAQs about Here’s How to Put on Lip Liner to Ace the Subtle Look 

Q1. Can I use lip liner as a lipstick? 

A. Yes, absolutely. If you do not want a dark pigment of the lipstick, but just want to keep it matte and add light colour to your lips, you can line the lips with the liner, fill it in and just buff it out with fingers. You can also top it up with a gloss for a little bit of shine. 

Q2. Can you use lip liner as an eye liner? 

A. It is not advisable to use lip liners as an eye liner. Both have different formulations and pigments. It is best to not bring anything closer to the eye area unless it is a specific eye product as it is a highly sensitive area. 

Q3. Do lip liners expire? 

A. Like all makeup products, lip liners also come with an expiry date. Discard the liner if it smells odd or discoloured. They are generally usable for one to two years from the manufacture date. 

Lip liners function a lot like primers. They may not be 100% necessary but when used can provide a fantastic base for the lipstick. Remember, lip liner application may require practice to achieve your desired look. Keep experimenting with different shades and formulas to find out what works the best for you. We hope our tips help you in achieving that perfect pout.