Summer makeup looks comprise of bleeding lip colours and feathered lipsticks. What’s that, you ask? When the pigments of your lip products leak out of the edges of your mouth, it’s called bleeding. The hot temperatures and humidity that comes with summer can further disturb the pigmented formulas and make them bleed. It can completely ruin your makeup look and not to mention, make you look like a blood-sucking vampire (if you’re wearing red that is).

So, unless it’s Halloween and that’s your goal, here are 5 hacks you can try to prevent your lipstick from bleeding…


01. Apply-blot-dust-apply again!

Apply-blot-dust-apply again!

Use this simple layering hack to make your lipstick last all day long. Apply your lipstick, blot with a tissue, dust some translucent powder on top and then apply again. This final layer will seal your lipstick and prevent it from smudging and bleeding.

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02. Use a clear lip liner

Use a clear lip liner

A clear lip liner, also known as a reverse lip liner or invisible lip liner, is applied on the outer perimeter of the outline of your lips. Much like your regular lip liner, a clear one forms a barrier around your lips and stops your lipstick from bleeding through. It is also practically mistake-proof since you don’t have to painfully follow the twists and turns of your natural lip line.


03. Pack it in with a concealer stick

Pack it in with a concealer stick

A little bit of concealer around your lips not only makes them look well-defined, but it also stops the lip colour from bleeding. Do this after you are done with painting your lips because concealers will fix mistakes as well.

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04. Coat with a clear balm or gloss

Coat with a clear balm or gloss

While lip stains can be pretty reliable when it comes to colouring inside the lines, a simple hack can seal it in for even the hottest days. Once you are done painting your lips with your favourite stain, let it dry and coat with clean balm or gloss. It will hydrate your lips and you can stop worrying about any colour bleed.

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05. Use a blotting sheet

Use a blotting sheet

Blotting with tissue is an essential step that you should never skip. But if you notice your lipstick bleeding often, then just a tissue won’t be able to cut it. Switch the tissue with a blotting paper instead. Usually used on your face to mattify excess oil, blotting papers can soak up any excess pigment of creamy lip colours.