Lipstick is one makeup product that no woman can ever have enough of. It instantly changes your appearance and is fuss-free when it comes to application. But if you are someone who has thin lips, lipstick application may not be the easiest thing for you. And you may not have a lot of bold shades in your vanity either. Here’s the truth — dark, bold shades look great on everyone, irrespective of your lip shape and size.

If a bold lipstick shade looked not so great on you in the past, we understand your fear of not giving it a try again. But believe us when we say you can rock shade, it's all about the right technique. So, let’s learn how to apply bold lipstick on thin lips to make them look fuller and fabulous.

how to wear bold lipstick on thin lips1

Image courtesy: @em.wtsn_fan

Step 01: Select a bold lipstick; if you are picking a red shade, make sure tonchoose a lip liner that’s a few shades darker than your lipstick. Need recommendations? The Lakmé Absolute 3D Lipstick - Red Carnival and Lakmé 9 to 5 Lip Liner - Red Alert are a match made in heaven. The duo suits almost every Indian skin tone.

Step 02: Start by tracing the outline of your lip, a little above your natural lip line. Don’t go overboard as it may look unnatural. Lightly shade the edges to soften the line.

Step 03: Now, take the lipstick and fill in your lips properly.

Step 04: To ensure everything is well blended, apply the lipstick a little over the lip liner and purse your lips together.

Main image courtesy: @emma.watson_cute