Rules are meant to be broken, right? And anyway, you have waaaay more fun bending, tweaking and bypassing them beauty rules to even care! So here are some beauty norms that the world has stuck by religiously, which need to be broken ASAP!

breaking the rules of makeup

Rule: dramatic, smoky eyes and bold lips don’t go together

Break it: go all out with bold eyes and lips for a super sophisticated look!

Keep in mind: make sure you choose a hairstyle that does not clash with your makeup

breaking the rules of makeup

Rule: your upper lip and lower lip need to have the same shade of lipstick OR your upper and lower eye lids need to have the same eyeshadow colour.

Break it: ever heard of dual toned lips and dual toned eyeshadow? Experiment till your merry little hearts are content with colours to pull off a dual toned look.

Keep in mind: pair colours that are from the same family, like green and turquoise, red and pink or red and orange.

breaking the rules of makeup

Rule: you have to conceal every pimple, every spot and every mark

Break it: it is ok to go heavy on the concealer when the occasion requires it. But on a daily basis it is not such a good idea to cover up problem areas. You need to allow the blemishes to breathe and air them out for them to heal properly and quickly.

Keep in mind: use concealers that are suited to your skin type and do not irritate your skin further.

breaking the rules of makeup

Rule: eyeshadows belong on eyes only

Break it: eyeshadows are shimmery and come in a variety of hues, making them perfect to use as highlighters. Golden, champagne, silvery, metallic pink eyeshadows make for a wonderful substitute for highlighter.

Keep in mind: make sure the eyeshadow you want to use as a highlighter does not have chunky glitter, and is fine enough to be used as a highlighter.

breaking the rules of makeup

Rule: men’s products are for men only

Break it: it’s time to raid your boyfriend’s stash of products, girls! A bit of beard wax makes for a great eyebrow tamer and holds all the stray hair in place. When you don’t have any shaving foam, use your boyfriend’s shaving cream for a smooth shave. Also, which girl isn’t a fan of masculine perfumes? Spray your scarf with your boyfriend’s perfume to keep reminding yourself of him!  

Keep in mind: men’s products are stronger than women’s so make sure it isn’t too harsh on your delicate skin!

Image courtesy: Pinterest