When it comes to putting on lipstick, people always get stumped for ideas. There is a misconception that you cannot do many new things with your lip, but in reality, the lip trends that come out are dynamic and versatile. The latest lip trend of 2021 is the perfect example of how you can get creative with your pout and keep it edgy.

The vampy lip is a bold, pigmented and carmined lipstick that fictional vampires wore in movies and television shows. Vampy beauty as a whole comes with dark kohled eyes and a matte complexion, but it is just the pout that seems to have made a comeback this year. Partially because dewy skin is trending right now and eye looks have been more colourful and graphic.

vampy lips

Given that ‘vampy’ beauty originated as early as the 1930s (yes, the trend has ancient roots!) How has it made a comeback now? Spending a whole year in quarantine and sticking to matte nudes to wear under the mask can only be trendy for so long. A little lipstick on the mask is acceptable now, especially if you are going for a rich matte finish that won’t be smudging too much anyway. Vampy lips today can also be worn in the form of powdery, matte red and ultra gloss and creamy blood red to go with your dewy complexions:

vampy lips

Image courtesy: @nikki_makeup

The trick to pulling off a vampy lip is to maintain the intensity of the rest of the makeup details. Add striking features to your eye, fox-eye makeup and sleek cat-eyes will give you the intense gaze needed with this lip. Go for glossy, feathered eyebrows instead of defined ones. They will lift your face and make it look more done-up as compared to a clean, laid-down brow. Spidery lashes will help tie the whole look together. So go ahead and wear this unapologetic and bold lip colour and collect compliments all day long!

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Main image courtesy: @jentioseco