Who doesn’t like sporting red hot statement lips? Everyone wants to flaunt the perfect pout but when it comes to red lips, it can make people conscious. So ladies, let us tell you upfront—red lipstick look elegant at any age and work for all skin tones, provided you pick the right shade of red and work it well with the rest of your look.

Read on as we bring you some super simple hacks to wear red lips like a pro…

Tip 1

Shade of Red Lipstick

Always apply a concealer on the border of your mouth. This will keep your lipstick intact and prevent smudging. Make sure you choose and pick the right shade of red according to your skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone go for brown based reds, if you have medium skin tone go for the blood red or maroon and if you have lighter skin tone then go for an orange tinted red.


Tip 2

Shades in Matte

Pick the shades in matte or glossy finish. Matte finish looks good in solid, tinted shades of red and it lasts longer. Whereas, the glossy finish will look good with darker, deeper shades of red, for a bold look.


Tip 3

Lip Liner to Create an Outline

Don’t just apply the red lipstick directly, instead use a liner and a lipstick brush to make sure you get a perfect pout. Use a lip liner to create an outline and create an X at your cupid’ bow. Now follow this outline to fill in the lip colour for a perfect pout.


Tip 4

Blend Colours For Fuller Lips

To ace the perfect, fuller lips you need to blend colours well. Use your preferred red lipstick all over your lips and then use darker shade in the middle to make your lips look fuller. If you are going for red lips for the first time, then try to mix it with a brown or a nude lipstick for a stunning look.


Tip 5

Moisturising Lip Balm

Use a moisturising lip balm and exfoliate your lips well in advance before you go for a red pout. Use a toothbrush and brush your lips before you sleep and then moisturise it with a lip balm. This will make your lips a good canvas for a bold lip.


Tip 6

Foundation to Your Lips

To perfect those red lips, start by applying a foundation to your lips first. Applying a foundation accentuates the red and makes your lipstick last longer. This also prevents the colour from bleeding and ensures proper application around your lip line.


Tip 7

Red Lips

Go for minimal makeup if you want the focus to be on your red lips. If you want your red lips to be the hero of your look, then tone down the cheeks and go for a subtle eye liner.