Most people reserve their favourite red lipstick for special occasions and evening soirees. After all, a single swipe of a statement red lip colour can instantly transform your look and add that extra zing to your more subdued day-time makeup.

But does this mean you can’t wear red lipstick during the day? Of Course not. Red lipstick is not just a must-have but also one of the most universally flattering lip colours. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to wear it only on certain occasions. So, if you are itching to wear a red pout to work or for a brunch date with your girls, we have a few tips that’ll help you rock a statement red pout at any time of the day*woohoo*!


01. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal

Keep the rest of your makeup minimal

The most important thing to keep in mind when wearing a red lipstick during the day is to ensure that you let your lips do all the talking. Avoid wearing heavy eye makeup with your red lip as that will look too OTT for the day. Instead, stick to a thin flick of eyeliner and lots of mascara for an effortless look.


02. Blot to remove excess

Blot to remove excess

It is important to blot your red lipstick thoroughly to prevent it from bleeding, smudging and creating a mess. Apart from setting the lipstick properly, this also mellows down the colour slightly, making it absolutely perfect for a day time look.


03. Pick the right undertone

Pick the right undertone

If you plan to wear red lipstick during the day, it is imperative to choose the right red; otherwise, you would risk looking a little out of place. Choose a lipstick that matches not just your skin tone, but also the undertone. If you have a cool undertone, choose a red lipstick with blue undertones, and if you have a warm undertone, something with a yellow undertone will look perfect.


04. Try different textures

Try different textures

If you are an absolute newbie to red lipsticks and think that a full-blown matte red is a bit too much, hear us out. Instead of picking only matte lipstick, try different textures such as lip tints, glosses, lip cream etc. that look a lot more subtle, yet give you the satisfaction of sporting a red pout during the day.


05. Apply correctly

Apply correctly

Lastly, for your lip colour to look perfect during the day, the way you apply it makes a huge difference. Start with scrubbing and moisturising your lips. Then line and fill in your lips using a lip liner. Finally, apply your red lipstick using a lip brush for precise results. Go ahead and clean and define the edges with the help of a concealer and be ready to garner tons of compliments.