Eyeliner styles for different face-shapes

Eyeliner can make or break your look. Your eyeliner application technique can transform your look from nice to naughty with a single sweep. It’s that one makeup product which can totally shape-shift your eyes, provided you know your way around the product.

The trick is in knowing how to use the eyeliner to elevate your eyes depending on your face shape. Here is how you can perfect your eyeliner game by tweaking it to suit your face shape…
Oval face

Oval face

If your face shape is longer than it is wide; then you have an oval face.
Your ideal eyeliner style:
Thanks to your long, symmetric facial bone structure – you can carry of almost any kind of dramatic eyeliner style. But for days when you want to emphasise your eyes, simply line the outer half of your lower lash line. This simple yet clever eyeliner technique will define your eyes and make them standout. To ace this look we suggest you use the Lakmé 9to5 Naturale Gel Eye Liner which is infused with the goodness of aloe vera and jojoba oil and is available in 5 stunning shades. You can opt for an eyeliner colour that suits your outfit.

Round face

Round face

If you have rounded corners at your forehead and chin, if your face length is almost the same as your face width then your face shape is round.
Your ideal eyeliner style:                      
The eyeliner technique for your face shape needs to downplay the roundness of your face cut. So opt for sharp, angular brows and define the arches with a brow pencil, but remember not to overdo it, as it may look unnatural. Now to complement those brows, go with a thick winged liner. To ace this look, go with a strong liner like the Lakmé Absolute Precision Liquid Liner which comes in a pen-format for easy grip and gives you precise lines with a single stroke.

Square face

Square face

If you have strongly defined, an angular forehead and jaws and if your forehead and jaws are of the same width then you have a square face. 

Your ideal eyeliner style:
In your case, your face is already angular so you need to soften its angles with feminine and soft makeup. To do this, normally line your upper and lower lash lines but use a brush or a Q-tip to smudge and soften the sharp edges. Remember to finish this look with a mascara to lengthen your lashes and add a soft, feminine vibe to your face. For best results we suggest you use a round-tip pencil instead of a sharp one. The Lakmé 9to5 Naturale Gel Eye Liner should do the trick for you.

written by on Jul 10, 2018


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