3 Genius Ways To Use An Old Beauty Blender

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
3 genius ways to use an old beauty blender

Tossing out your much-loved beauty blender can be really upsetting. Although it looks all filthy, old and is torn at places, you still love it with all your heart and don’t want to throw it out, just like that. After all, it always kept your base makeup flawless and your beauty game on point.

If you have a couple of old beauty blenders lying in your makeup drawer that you are too emotionally attached to, to part with, we have not one, but three ways you can reuse them. Take a look at three genius ways to use your old beauty blender, and store yours in a DIY box somewhere.

use old beauty blender

To rock ombré lips

Dying to try the hottest lip trend of the season—ombré lips? No biggie! Just grab your beauty blender. Not just your foundation, but it can blend your lip liner and lipstick to perfection and help you achieve the ombré effect in a jiffy. Line your lips and fill in the edges with a dark lip liner. Then dab a lighter lip colour in the centre of your lips. Blend with the help of your blender and you’re done.

use old beauty blender

To get heatless curls

Sounds crazy, right? Well, it works like a charm. If you fancy natural beauty, you are gonna love this. Beauty sponges can help you get heatless curls overnight. How you ask? Cut two of your beauty sponges in four to five stripes. Divide your hair into eight to 10 sections and roll each section with a piece of sponge in between. Secure with a bobby pin when you reach the hairline. the strips help hold your hair in place and turn them into gorgeous waves in the morning. Sleep on it and open out your curls the next day.

use old beauty blender

To DIY two-toned nail art

You must have heard of gradient manicure with your nails painted in two or more nail colours with a faded effect. To get this ombré nail art, you need a sponge. Why not recycle your old beauty blender? Paint stripes of two or three nail polishes on the sponge and press it over your nail. Top it with clear paint and voila!

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