These Are The Only 7 Makeup Brushes You Need In Your Stash

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
These are the only 7 makeup brushes you need in your stash

A girl can never have enough makeup products, but she can certainly have enough makeup brushes. Although there is a plethora of makeup tools in the beauty world (some of them really confusing and weird too), you really need just a few super important brushes to keep your makeup game on fleek. If you don’t know which ones to stock up on, we have rounded up the only 7 makeup brushes you ever need in your kitty. 

7 makeup brushes you need in your stash

Flat brush

For blending your liquid and cream foundations, use this flat-head brush. It stipples the liquid-y texture, and thus is called a stippling brush as well. It gives even and medium coverage. 

Contour brush

The slanted brush makes it easy for you to map and blend the shadow and light parts of your face. Use this for blending your bronzer and concealer.

7 makeup brushes you need in your stash

Powder brush

This fluffy brush is used for buffing your powder foundations, setting powder and compact powder on your face. Use this for light coverage and matte finish.

Blush brush

Gotta get those flushed cheeks! This soft and round brush helps blend the powder as well as cream blush perfectly on the apple of your cheeks.

7 makeup brushes you need in your stash

Fan brush

To get that highlighting game on point, use this sleek fan brush. The super long bristles give you a fine and precisely perfect glow. 

Eyeshadow brush

There are two types of eyeshadow brushes for your eye makeup. One is a blending brush and other one is for precision. So if you’re more of a smokey-eye-kinda girl, go for the blending eyeshadow brush and if you like a little hue on the upper lid, get a precision brush.

7 makeup brushes you need in your stash

Eyebrow brush

Can you really go without doing your brows? A spoolie brush is all you need for grooming those brows. It comes with a comb on one side that helps brush the brows and a blending brush on the other side that blends the product.

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