How we wish we could get up and look as perfect as JLO every morning! That however seems like a distant dream for most of us. Working late hours and then getting up early again to get back to the grind, it is like a never ending vicious circle. Apart from lack of sleep and tiredness, such a lifestyle can have adverse effects on our skin too.

Especially those dark circles that make us look like a panda, just not as cute! Well, while there are a ton of natural ways to reduce dark circles, if you’re looking for a quick fix or a makeup hack then you’ve landed at just the right article! We have a quick solution for dark circles and it’s called—colour correction!

Colour correcting is a great way to conceal dark circles and dark spots or redness from your face giving you an instant radiant glow and flawless looking skin.

Pick the right colour and shade of colour corrector to get the job done! Here is how...


How to colour correct dark circles for your skin tones:

How to colour correct dark circles for your skin tones

Different skin tones need different colours from the colour corrector palette. Here is a guide to which colour corrector will work best for you...

Peach for lighter skin tone

This shade is ideal for lighter skin tones, simply use the tip of your finger to dab the product on your dark circles or any other dark spots on your face. The warmth from your finger will help it blend into your skin seamlessly.

Orange for wheatish skin tone and red for dusky skin tone

If you have medium skin opt for an orange colour corrector and for darker skin tones go for a red colour corrector. If you don’t have the red colour, use a red lipstick! Take a tiny swatch on your finger and blend evenly.


Get rid of redness and blemishes

Get rid of redness and blemishes

Green and yellow colour correctors work well with all skin tones and are good to cover redness, blemishes, acne marks and pimples. Yellow works brilliantly to cover any blemishes with purple undertones like bruises and veins.


To brighten your skin

To brighten your skin

Purple is best to combat any yellow undertones and brighten skin.  If you have a medium skin tone, purple will help you brighten any dull skin giving you a more even and radiant finish.

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