Your Definitive Guide To A Basic Makeup Brush Kit

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
Your definitive guide to a basic makeup brush kit
If you are one of those people who still apply makeup with fingers, stop! We are tempted to ask, been living under a rock, have you? Applying makeup with your fingers is passé for many reasons. Firstly, when you use your fingers to apply makeup, it mixes with all the oil and dirt on your fingers. Secondly, it does not give you an even and consistent application. Cue in, makeup brushes. Makeup brushes are the best way to apply makeup evenly and they provide an even, consistent and seamless finish to your face.

“What makeup brushes do I need?” must be running through your mind at this point. We at BeBeautiful have out together a list of basic brushes that you need to have in your kit. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a pro; these brushes are all-season, all-purpose.

Foundation brush

Spoolie and stiff angled brush

For liquid foundation, you need a flat top stippling brush. The bristles are loosely packed. Stippling is the action of light, tapping motions to apply the foundation that helps the product to settle into the fine creases and nooks on your face. Stippling the foundation gives an air-brushed effect and diffuses the look of imperfections on the skin.


Powder brush

Spoolie and stiff angled brush

This is a large, fluffy head brush with loosely packed bristles. It is useful in dusting powder and mineral foundation all across your face. It gives light application for a sheer finish over the face.


Angled blush brush

Spoolie and stiff angled brush

This is an angled-top brush and the bristles can be soft and fluffy or slightly stiffer. The softness or the stiffness depends on your preference. This brush can be used to place blush or bronzer on the highest point of your cheeks and blend it upwards and outwards for a natural finish. The angled top helps to contour your cheeks, while giving a sheer finish.


Fan brush

Spoolie and stiff angled brush

This is a soft, flat, fanned out brush that helps with precise placement of highlighter on the highest point of your cheekbones. Dip the brush in highlighter and lightly sweep the length of the fanned out bristles along the top of your cheeks. This brush can also be used to lightly brush away fallout from your eye makeup.


Spoolie and stiff angled brush

Spoolie and stiff angled brush

We are all obsessed with doing our eyebrows and you should be too. Defining the brows really tidies up the look of a face and makes it look sharper. Opt for this double ended brush that has a stiff angled top at one end and a spoolie at another. Use the spoolie to brush out your brows. Now dip the angled top into a brow gel or cream and using light sweeping motions fill in the gaps in your brows. After you have defined your brows, use the spoolie again to brush out your brows and even out the product.

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