If you’re someone who has used a makeup sponge even once in your life, you’d know what a game-changing product it is! It not only spreads your foundation and other liquid products more evenly but also gives you a seamless and airbrushed finish.

However, it’s essential to clean your makeup sponges regularly in order to keep bacteria at bay and maintain their effectiveness. And guess what, we’ve found the perfect hack that’ll leave your makeup sponges squeaky clean in a matter of minutes. Read on for a step-by-step tutorial…


How to :

How to :

Step 01: Pour some baby shampoo into a microwave-safe bowl and dilute it with some water

Step 02: Next, put a used beauty blender in the soapy mixture and place the bowl in a microwave

Step 03: Close the microwave and place the heat setting on full and set the timer to one minute

Step 04: Once the minute is up, take out the bowl from the microwave and squeeze out the excess water. This should leave your beauty blender absolutely squeaky clean and as good as new. However, if you see any dirty patches, repeat the process and that should fix the problem.

Note: While squeezing out the water in the last step, remember to wear gloves as the water will be really hot.