I have too many makeup brushes, said no woman ever!

Just like any other girl out there who loves makeup, I too, cannot stop hoarding on makeup brushes. Therefore, whether I am travelling or visiting a beauty store, my eyes automatically start wandering over the makeup tools section. Wait… am I the only one obsessed with makeup brushes?! *hides face*

While I have a collection of makeup brushes, for eyes, face and lip products alike, I only recently got my hands on a beauty sponge, popularly known as a blender.

And, ever since I started using a beauty sponge to do my face makeup, I have not only seen a big difference in my makeup finish but also learnt various ways to make the most of a beauty blender.

Here are 5 ways how switching from brush to blender helped take my beauty game up a notch up:

replace makeup brush with beauty sponge

#01: I started paying more attention to coverage

No matter how good you are at doing your own makeup, the one thing even pros find it hard to figure is… foundation coverage. Whether you want it sheer, light, medium or full, coverage is always tricky.

But, beauty sponge put all my struggles with foundation coverage to rest. With the help of a beauty sponge, I could finally stick to the coverage I wanted.

On days when I want a sheer or light coverage, I would simply stipple or use a bouncing motion to perfect my base makeup, whereas, for a medium to heavy coverage, I’d pour some foundation onto the back of my hand and then go over a second time only on areas that need it the most. This way, I can avoid making my face look cakey.

#02: I started using a sponge for midday touch-ups

This one totally took me by surprise when I tried it for the first time. A beauty sponge can do wonders in refreshing your makeup. Instead of lugging around a zillion products, I started carrying my beauty sponge and a setting spray or rose toner in my vanity kit.

For midday touch-ups, I just soaked my sponge in a spray and patted it over my face. This way, my makeup remained in place all day and my skin looked fresh and dewy even by the time I got back home.

#03: Correcting makeup mistakes became so much easier

I love applying eyeliner and I cannot lie. But, the thought of messing up my eye makeup stops me from being a regular with eyeshadow or eyeliner. My biggest worry is creating uneven wings and going overboard with eyeshadow. 

To correct makeup mistakes, I earlier preferred clearing every bit of product and starting all over again. This, in turn, wasted a lot of my time especially on rushed mornings.

But, thanks to beauty sponge, I can easily correct makeup mistakes now simply by going over with a damp sponge on areas that need correction.

replace makeup brush with beauty sponge

#04: My skin started glowing with makeup

Let’s admit it! We have all at some point or the other felt that our face looks made up especially after applying foundation. But, that changed ever since I started using a makeup sponge *yay*.

To achieve a lit-from-within glow, I simply dip my damp sponge in foundation and stipple it on my skin, starting from the centre of my face and blending into my jawline.

After switching from blush to blender, I haven’t once complained about my foundation looking cakey or streaky. 

#05: Locking in my makeup became a breeze

Locking in my makeup with translucent powder is one step I never ever skip. Thanks to my oily skin, makeup melts away easily if I don’t use powder to set it in. A beauty sponge ensures that my makeup is locked, especially on smaller areas such as under the eyes and around the mouth.

And that’s not all! Sometimes if I happen to go a little overboard with powder, then I just take a damp sponge and reduce the overly powdered appearance.