Tweezer Makeup Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easy

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Tweezer makeup hacks that will make your life easy

As beauty enthusiasts we are always looking for ways to make our makeup routine short and quick. Recently, we stumbled upon this clever hack using the most common tool in your makeup collection – the tweezer! Turns out you can use this little tool for more than just plucking hair off your brows. Want to know what these are? Read on to find out


Wear false lashes

To contour

Do you often struggle with falsies? We know the struggle is real! Instead of failing repeatedly and getting glue on your hands try using a tweezer for precise application. Not only will the pressure on your shaky hands reduce but this practice will also ensure the quality of your false lashes remains top notch.


Ace that cat eye

To contour

Beauty influencer Rubiya Thapa posted this amazing hack on her Instagram feed that just made acing that cat eye hundred times easier. Use the tweezer as a tattoo stamp by applying liquid or gel eyeliner on the underside. Now place it on the outer corner of your eye diagonally to get an outline, then, simply fill it to get the perfect look.


To contour

To contour

Another beauty enthusiast Promise Tamang came up with this brilliant idea to use tweezer for contouring. Apply your favourite contour powder on the underside of the tweezer and slide it down your nose. Using a blending brush, blend it away. There you have perfectly contoured nose!

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