Who in the world doesn’t love a good ol’ round of self-pampering once in a while? Whether it entails going for a nice, relaxing spa session or gifting yourself a manicure or a pedicure treatment, loving your own self is the mantra of today, especially since the hustle and bustle of everyday life often leaves us with very little ‘me time’. But even though the trend has gained major traction in recent times, it does not mean that our ancestors were ignorant of these forms. In fact, when it comes to beauty treatments like manicure and pedicure, the art of embellishing one’s nails has quite the history.

The practice of decorating the nails is an art form that has been in practice for millennia now although they had pretty basic and easy nail art designs, nothing quite as artistic as the patterns we have today, and just about every known civilization, right from the ancient Egyptians to the Chinese, seems to have encouraged the art in one form or the other. Enhancing and embellishing one’s nails has had many a different rationale behind it, with some using it to denote their social status while others took to it to express their femininity. The latter trend has continued into contemporary society, with women today experimenting with a range of colours and patterns when it comes to decorating their nails.

Now, when it comes to embellishing your nails, there are quite a few different patterns, textures, nail art effects, types of nail polishes and colour options as we’ve mentioned before at your disposal these days. Some of these include giving your nails a sand-like texture using micro-beads, or a velvety feel using velvet fibres, or even using nail polish that changes colour according to the ambient temperature. If you do not wish to paint your own natural nails or wish for longer ones without actually hav* the time to grow them, you can always opt for artificial acrylic nails as well.

With all those tutorial videos being put up by nail artists on social media platforms, you don’t necessarily need to visit a nail salon anymore either, especially when it comes to easy nail art designs. Do-It-Yourself is a trend that seems to have caught the imagination of ladies worldwide. But whether you wish to paint your nails on your own or get professional help, staying on top of all the new trends in the nail art industry is always a plus point. And to help you do exactly that, our squad at BeBeautiful went ahead and put together a list of some of the trendiest and easy nail art designs that even beginners can ace easily at home.


#Easy Nail Art Design: 1. Brush strokes, baby!

Brush strokes, baby!

This style is definitely the creation of a genius! All you’ve to do is apply a base coat of nail paint in any one colour and then dip your brush in different colours, before applying brush strokes (either parallel to your fingers or horizontal) in multiple contrasting hues and shades across your nails. It’s pretty easy to do and you can experiment all you wish to with this easy nail art design.


2. Stars and stripes

Stars and stripes

Whether you’re trying to paint a rainbow on your fingers or some country’s flag, stripes are an extremely cool pattern to have on your nails. Speaking of flags, adding stars to those stripes (USA), or a maple leaf (Canada), or a 24 spoke wheel (India) can help you project your love for and your pride in your country too.


3. Reaching for the skies

Reaching for the skies

If you’re looking for inspiration, they say it sometimes helps to look towards the skies. Well, if we were to take the suggestion literally, we’d be certain to find some ideas for easy nail art designs too. There’s just so much from the skies that you can paint on your nails, right from cloud patterns to a crescent moon in a starlit sky.


4. Tropical shades

Tropical shades

The tropics are always a pretty place to visit, with clear blue waters around the islands and beautiful reddish yellow sunsets by the beach (seen beyond the silhouette of coconut and palm trees). There’s just so much scenery that you can paint on your fingernails. And then, there are all those brightly coloured, deliciously juicy tropical fruits as well. Where else would you find such inspiration to create easy nail art designs?


5. Some fun and sun on the beach

Some fun and sun on the beach

Beach ball, sand castles, surf boards, waves, beach umbrellas, sea shells, etc. There’s a host of elements related to the beach that you can paint on your fingernails, and in a number of different summer colours too. The beach is always one place where you can forget your troubles and have some fun, especially in the company of your loved ones. Some of that cool salty air spirit is all you need to incorporate when it comes to painting your nails.


6. Floral is in!

Floral is in!

It’d be extremely difficult to find a woman in this whole wide world who doesn’t quite like getting flowers, unless she’s allergic to them, of course. Be it in bouquets, as potted plants, or as a pattern on her fingernails, flowers, in general, tend to make women happier about themselves. If you’re looking for easy nail art designs, there couldn’t be anything as uncomplicated as drawing sunflowers, daisies, lilies or roses on your fingernails.


7. Animal prints

Animal prints

If you’re an animal lover, or even if you just love having those adorable bunny and kitten plushies around, you’ll absolutely love the idea of getting cute animals painted on your nails. And if you find drawing them whole (or in part) on your nails to be cumbersome, you could even try getting just their prints as patterns to create easy nail art designs. You don’t have to stick to their original colours either. It’s never a bad idea to colour the bear pink or purple!


8. Good ol’ polka dots

Good ol’ polka dots

I do not think I can remember the last time polka dots went out of fashion. You just can’t go wrong with them, whether they’re on your dress or on your fingernails. You can try mixing them up with other patterns (like the half-moon style from the American and the French manicures) or just go all polka over your nails. You could even vary the size of the polka dots to your liking; although in our opinion, medium-sized ones look the best on your nails.