Trying to recreate cute manicure designs at home can feel like a tedious task, especially nowadays, when every nail art design looks like it requires an expert’s touch. So, what’s a girl to do? Turn to her BFF, of course. In this case: US!

In our pursuit to ensure you never sport a boring manicure again, we went ahead and rounded up some super cute manicure designs that anybody (yes, even a manicure noob) can master at home. Excited? Scroll down to check ‘em out.


01. Crescent moon nails

Crescent moon nails

Image courtesy: @nailjob

To create crescent moon or half-moon nails, you will need a base coat, a paper hole reinforcement, a glossy topcoat and an old eyeshadow brush put on clean-up duty. Apply the base coat and allow it to dry. Place the round paper hole on your cuticles to cover the crescent area. Apply your glossy colour and remove the paper hole before the lacquer dries; use the eyeshadow brush to clean up the partially dry nail paint for a crisp shape.

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02. Confetti nails

Confetti nails

Image courtesy: @heygreatnails

Confetti nails are a fun way to wear a bunch of colours on your nails without having to worry about whether they will complement each other or not. Start by applying a white colour as a base to make the other colours pop. Then pick 4-5 colours, can be rainbow-themed or different shades of the same colour, and use a dotting tool to apply the colours either all over your nail or in one chosen section. Confetti tips are an especially cool trend right now and look so adorable on shorter nail lengths.

BB picks: Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color - Snowball


03. Candy stripes

Candy stripes

Image courtesy: @laurenladnier

Believe it or not, but you will find some kind of stripe detail trending in the nail art scene at any given point. Why? Because they’re classic and look oh-so-chic. Stripes can be added to any manicure design either as an accent or be drawn next to each other to create a half and half look.

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04. Abstract pastels

Abstract pastels

Image courtesy: @ayumi__nails

You can get as creative or innovative as you want with abstract designs and pastel colours. You will, however, need paper holes cut into different shapes and learn how to layer pigments. Keep an eye out for trendy patterns to draw inspiration from.

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05. Metallic accents

Metallic accents

Image courtesy: @thegelhouse

Why splurge on a bunch of bling to accessorise your fingers when you can use attractive metallics to do that instead! Metallic accents created with gold, silver, bronze and platinum pigments are extremely chic and classy. All you need is a thin manicure brush and a steady hand to nail this look!

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Main image courtesy: @nailsbybrookehunter, @heygreatnails