When you hear the phrase ‘textured nails’, chances are the first thing you think about is lovely checkered patterns or just plain old glitter, shimmer or diamante embellishment. But technically speaking, textured nails are slightly raised designs and whose outlines can be felt with your fingers. While we do not like to get wrapped up in technicality too much, when it comes to textured nails, we like to stick to the rules. This works so much in our favour because nail techs can create a variety of textures on your nails; you do not need to take the easy way by just using chunky glitter polishes.

Here are some trendy ideas for textured nail art that you can screenshot for your next manicure appointment…


01. Bubblegum pop

Bubblegum pop

Image courtesy: @beautybyellenax

Let’s start with an easy one that you can easily recreate at home as well. Clean, buff and shape your nails to prep them and follow up with a base coat (preferably nude) to have a simple yet cute base of your bubblegum pop. Use a dotting tool or even the head of a bobby pin to dot your favourite pigments on just the side of your nails.


02. Snake print

Snake print

Image courtesy: @claceenails

Snake prints are one of the trending textures you can get done on your nails. They are so OTT and show up so good in aesthetic pictures; you will be filling up your Insta feeds with just these!


03. Botanical bloom

Botanical bloom

Image courtesy: @thebeautyspotstreetly

Acrylic powders can do more than just help you fake long nails; they can be used to create lovely textures on your nails as well. Floral designs that are created close to your nail bed look oh-so-pretty. Plus, they are so chic and can be done for special occasions when you want to feel fancy!


04. Golden delight

Golden delight

Image courtesy: @topclassnails

If you do not want to commit to fully textured nails, this is a good in-between route to take. Use chrome polish, preferably a metallic, like gold and silver, and pair them with other coloured patterns to upgrade a simple manicure.


05. Bubble effect nails

Bubble effect nails

Image courtesy: @_kelsgels_

When we stumbled upon this sudsy visual, we were initially confused if it’s actually a manicure design or nails covered in a bubble wrap. Gel polish can be used to create this bubbly, sudsy effect and it indeed looks so stylish and fun!