There are many reasons why you should consider a cherry red manicure for your next nail appointment.-It is all the rage right now, versatile to style and suits all skin tones. Our Insta feeds are filled with cherry red nails and nail art designs, and they all look uber cool. They are glossy, heavy on the shine and instantly pop when paired with simpler outfits, making your everyday style a total head turner! So, here are some stylish ways to wear cherry red nails in 2021...


01. Plain and chic

Plain and chic

Image courtesy: @betina_goldstein

Red nails will never go out of style! If you are looking to rock a clean-looking, smart manicure, this is a good way to go. Well trimmed and shaped nails can be elevated with the colour, and it looks so good with bling, we cannot take our eyes off it.


02. Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes

Image courtesy: @idea_manicure

Nail art created with geometric shapes is a good way to add some edge to more rounded and simpler nail shapes. This combination of pastel pink and cherry red looks nothing less than an abstract painting; all the artsy girls out there will fall in love with this one instantly.


03. Valentine special

Valentine special

Valentine's Day is just a month away. So while you are busy making plans for this lovey-dovey day, keep your style in check with an equally adorable nail art design. We love how they strike a balance with just two fingers featuring dainty hearts so that the design is not too OTT.


04. Sprinkled with gold

Sprinkled with gold

Image courtesy: @nail_0408

Nothing beats an attractive combination of red and gold on freshly manicured hands! You can either mix gold flake nail art with your cherry red colour or keep them separate like this nail design. Either way, you can never go wrong with mixing red and gold!


05. Partial colour fill

Partial colour fill

Image courtesy: @nailartbyqueenie

Taking a break from red french tips and negative space nail art, this partially pigmented nail design is the latest cherry red version 2021 has to offer! We love how the design creates a very statement fashion moment. So effortless and fancy!

Main image courtesy: @benimelim, @gamzeysel