Keep Your Nail Game Going Strong With These Smart Hacks

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
Keep your nail game going strong with these smart hacks

DIY manicures are not an easy feat! From applying the base coat to waiting for your nails to dry completely, it can be quite a wait. And for those of you who are mad over manicures, you know that the struggle is real.

Flawless nails require a lot more than just mastering the use of the non-dominant hand. From tackling smudges to shades that won’t budge while taking them off, there is a lot of effort that goes into flaunting drool worthy nails. Believe us we know!

Precisely why, we bring you some tips and tricks that every girl who loves a good manicure must know...


Three strokes to a good manicure

Pick your whites carefully

Did you know? To flaunt a stunning manicure, all you need to do is apply it with just three strokes. But before that, ensure your brush is appropriately coated in nail paint. To cover your nail evenly with polish, apply one stroke right down the middle, another one along the right side of your nail and a third one along the left side of your nail. And, voila!


Clean excess nail paint with a lip brush

Pick your whites carefully

Here’s a hack that’ll save you from making a mess on your fingernails. While applying polish, some paint is bound to escape onto the skin on your fingers. So, what do you do? Simply take the help of a lip brush, dip it in your nail polish remover and gently brush your nail to remove the excesses.


Cuticle oil to your rescue

Pick your whites carefully

Rough cuticles and half-broken nails can come in the way of a good-looking manicure. To avoid this, reach out for a cuticle oil. It not only strengthens your nails but also instantly hydrates and moisturises it. That’s not all! Cuticle oil allows protection against easy breakage and brittleness too.


Dry your polish in cold water

Pick your whites carefully

What’s the worst part about applying nail paint? Waiting for it to dry! And most women will agree to this. However, here’s an easy-peasy hack you won’t believe works like magic. Once you’re done applying nail polish, soak your fingernails in cold water. This will help your nails to dry faster. Try it out!


Pick your whites carefully

Pick your whites carefully

White nail paints look super cool. However, you must avoid the ones that are too runny and sheer. Ensure that you pick a thick and creamy formula of white nail polish. How do you check? Simply take the brush and swipe it along the side of the bottle. If it is sheer, then it’s not pigmented enough, and you will need to look for a better option.

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