There is something really beautiful about pastel colours. The colour palette looks super chic and classy, and is the perfect combination of subtle and statement-y. After having taken the makeup world by storm, here’s another amazing way to wear pastel colours – on your nails.

Given that pastel colours are usually associated with flowers, butterflies and rainbows, it’s understandable if you have chosen to stay away from this colour palette. If you have an edgier personality and think that pastel nail art isn’t for you, then give us a chance to prove this wrong. We have curated a list of some badass pastel nail art designs to inspire you. Read on for some inspiring ways to sport an edgy pastel manicure.

badass pastel manicure for this season

Negative space

Remember how negative space manicure was huge a month or two ago? Now here’s a really classy way to wear this nail art but with pastel nail polish shades. From cute little flowers to edgy vertical lines, your bare nails are your canvas.

badass pastel manicure for this season

Statement black accents

Pastel nail colours have a reputation for being too feminine. But we got an easy way to switch this up and make it look quite edgy – add black accents! This instantly jazzes up the manicure and helps break the monotony.

badass pastel manicure for this season

Abstract art

If you like minimal nail art, then you must try abstract pastel nail art. This is a great way to ensure that you don’t have to paint your entire nail in pastel hues, yet flaunt them in the manner you want. This abstract vibe gives you the opportunity to play with light and bright tones in a muted manner.

badass pastel manicure for this season

Long AF

A badass way to sport beautiful pastel colours is to paint them on really long or coffin shaped nails. This nail shape by itself looks super badass, and a matte pastel polish is only going to enhance it. You can pick just one colour or a gradient of pastel shades, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.

badass pastel manicure for this season

Just the tips

 If you love the French manicure as much as we do, then here’s an excellent way to do it using pastel shades. Extremely chic and sophisticated, you can either paint the tips in a single hue or choose different colours on different tips.

Image courtesy: Pinterest