Ever since we got the news of a Gossip Girl reboot, we haven’t been able to keep calm! We ended up on Serena van der Woodsen aka Blake Lively’s Instagram page for some scoop but we found something else, and it is epic—her monumental manicure game with crafty, hidden details. Artistic nail art that can do all the talking seems to be her weapon of choice and we can’t get enough. A special shout-out goes to her manicurist Elle Gerstein who keeps her nail game spicy and stunning.

So, let’s take a moment to appreciate and applaud Blake Lively’s cheeky manicure game.

blake lively themed manicures

Pika Pika

For the premiere of the movie Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Blake wore yellow nails with a cute picture of Pikachu (which is voiced by her husband Ryan Reynolds in the movie, BTW) on her ring finger and a Pokémon ball on her pinky. How cute is that?

blake lively themed manicures

Plot twist

Her manicure for her movie ‘A Simple Favor’ had a subtle detail that we almost missed. Sparkly black nails with a martini glass made of Swarovski crystals on one nail wasn’t just a bling-y nail art. It gave out her mysterious character’s love for the drink in the movie. Classy and chic!  

blake lively themed manicures

Superhero feels

Blake again wore her heart on her nails to support hubby for his movie Deadpool, but this time it was literally a heart, coupled with a portrait of Deadpool on one nail and an ‘X’, for the X-Men, on the other. Well done, Blake!  

blake lively themed manicures

Stained glass nails

For the Met Gala 2018, Blake’s manicurist, Elle, gave her shiny, chromed nails with one embellished with gemstones and Swarovski crystals to match her Renaissance-inspired red gown. This nail art depicted a church's traditional stained glass windows which perfectly went with the Catholic theme of the ball.

Image courtesy: Instagram and  Pinterest