One of the easiest ways to have fun with makeup is to wear funky nail art. In our constant quest to discover new art forms, we came across this quirky design that is doing the rounds on Instagram right now. The cow print nail art is all the rage and if you were short of ideas that you could use, here are some very interesting ones!

Cow print nail art

Step 01

Clip your nails to the desired length and file the edges into a squoval shape.

Step 02

Apply a base coat, allow it to dry and apply a base colour, like white.

Step 03

After it has dried, dip the rounded end of a bobby pin into black or brown nail colour and make rounded patterns on your nail.

Cow print nail art

Step 04

You can even make a cute cow face on one accent finer using pink nail polish and a bobby pin dipped in black nail colour.

Step 05

Finish with a clear top coat and enjoy your nail art!

Image courtesy: Pinterest