It’s not the first time that singer-model Dua Lipa has made our jaws drop with her on-fleek manicure game. The diva, who is a regular at manicurist Mei Kawajiri’s nail studio has left us amazed each time she stepped out of there. Now, if you’re keeping a close watch on Dua’s nail game (just like us), you’d remember her sparkly, gradient manicure that transitioned from pink to blue on each nail and had summer written all over it. Much like that, we think, these all-new plaid neon nails she’s sporting make for that perfect fall transition.

Just before making her way to London Fashion Week, Dua Lipa got her manicure changed from acrylic to natural, giving us more inspiration to take this vibrant manicure to our own manicurist. Hmmm… sounds like the IT weekend plan, doesn’t it?

So, before you rush to your manicurist this weekend, take a look at Dua’s manicure and the mix of colours her nail technician has used to make them look oh-so-cool and chic.

Dua Lipa’s neon plaid nails

The neon plaid nails on Dua Lipa have crisscrossing plaid lines drawn horizontally and vertically in white, black and orange across a different neon colour on each nail: think green, lime, purple, blue and pink. There’s a mix of every colour you’ve ever thought of painting on your nails. And do you know what the best part about her manicure is? The nail art has been created on her natural nails, and not acrylics. Yes, you read that right! So, if you want to avoid the hassle of acrylics, then this one’s just perfect, be it on short or long nails.

Image courtesy: Instagram