Glass nails are the cool new K-beauty trend we’re crushing over

Written by Urvi DalalJun 25, 2020

From introducing the world to the game-changing 10-step skin and hair care routine to blessing us with innovative beauty products, K-beauty has done it all. The most recent K-beauty trend that has found many takers is the glass nails.

Started by nail artist and manicurist Eun Kyung Park, this nail art technique mimics the appearance of tiny shards of glass right onto your nails. DW, it is not really glass that’s placed on your nails, it’s actually bits of cellophane stuck onto your nail to give it the illusion of broken glass pieces. Sounds absolutely brilliant, doesn’t it?!

If this sounds appealing to you, below are five stunning glass nails ideas that you can try…

Slytherin green

Image courtesy: @leegnail

For a slightly gothic manicure idea, this black base with green glass effect is just perfect. The black base ensures that this nail art design is universally flattering and complements almost anything in your wardrobe

Ocean blue

Image courtesy: @mabub.sonyeo

If you want a bright pop of colour on your nails, then turquoise blue nail polish with tiny gold flecks of glass is a great choice for you. The best part about wearing a bright base colour is that it looks great even on short nails.

Unicorn potion

Image courtesy: @ilovevanitee

Holographic nails look super chic. What we love about this nail art design is the milky texture of the nails. It provides the perfect backdrop for the unicorn coloured glass specks to shine and give it a very dreamy vibe.

Celestial charm

Image courtesy: @daintynaily

For those of you who want to try something totally different, this manicure design would be it. Multi-coloured flecks on a really dark base give it a celestial and otherworldly look.

Class act

Image courtesy: @jimin_nailpalace

Love nude nail paints and want to give the glass nails trend a try? Look no further. Paint the rest of your nails a solid nude colour and apply the glass finish on only the ring fingers. Now, that’s what we call keeping it trendy and classy.

Main image courtesy: @hausofnails.rva