Do you feel like your life is missing something when you are without a manicure? Is a mani-pedi session your form of therapy when you are low and is your go-to indulgence when you feel happy? This is for all you manicure-loving girls out there. Too many manicures, with too few breaks in between may cause your nails to become brittle, yellow and chip easily.

Supplements alone may not be enough for your nails to regain their natural strength. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are manic about manicures...

vitamins for nails

Your nails may not be getting enough oxygen

When not enough blood is reaching your nails, they tend to become weak. So exercise and eat healthy to make sure there is good blood supply to the peripheries of your body.

vitamins for nails

You may need more nutrients

Nutrients like iron, vitamin A and C, biotin and collagen are supplements that aid healthy nail growth. If you have brittle nails, consider taking these supplements which also help get better hair and skin. So win-win!

vitamins for nails

Give a gap between gel-manicures

When you apply a gel-polish, it creates a hard barrier on your nail which prevents moisture from reaching your nails and allowing them to breathe. The result? Yellowed nails. So give your nails a break and reserve gel-polishes for special occasions only.

vitamins for nails

Include these in your diet

Make friends with these foods: berries, cauliflower, coconut, avocado, cheese, lime and eggs. They are rich in vitamin B7 which helps preserve nail quality.