Follow These Simple Tips For A Streak-Free White Manicure At Home

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Follow these simple tips for a streak-free white manicure at home

White nail polish is undoubtedly one of the prettiest and most universally flattering nail polish colours out there. But if you’ve tried giving yourself a white manicure at home, you’d know how difficult it is to create an even, streak-free manicure using white nail polish. Even the tiniest of mistake can look glaring, thanks to the starkness of the colour.

Buuuutt, not anymore. We’ve got some super simple tips that you can follow for a streak-free white manicure. Excited? Let’s begin.


Tip #01: Pick the right shade

Tip #04: Use the white as canvas

Just like there is a red for everyone, there is a white colour that’s meant just for you. From milky finishes to bright whites, take your pick, as the shade of white you choose will make quite the difference in the final result. But if you are unsure about the colour, we recommend the Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color – Snowball. It has a beautiful hi-shine finish that looks super professional and is very easy to work with.


Tip #02: Always apply a base coat

Tip #04: Use the white as canvas

A ridge-filling base coat is the best way to ensure that your white nail polish has something to cling onto and this makes it appear less streaky. But if you don’t have that kind of base, here’s a quick hack for you: Apply a more opaque or metallic shade from the same colour family as a base, allow it to dry completely and then go in with your white polish. This will not only prevent streaks, but also keep your colour from looking sheer or washed out.


Tip #03: Follow the three-strokes-per-nail rule

Tip #04: Use the white as canvas

This is perhaps the best tip you can follow to achieve that perfect finish. Avoid going over your polish before it has had a chance to completely dry off. Secondly, always cover your entire nail – from cuticle to tip – in three quick strokes, no more! This will prevent the end result from being blotchy.


Tip #04: Use the white as canvas

Tip #04: Use the white as canvas

Image courtesy: @_ok_nails_ and @spt_nails

The best thing about the white colour is that it forms the perfect canvas for different types of nail art designs. So, even after following all the above rules, you do end up messing up your white manicure a little bit, you can always allow it to dry and paint simple motifs such as leaves or polka dots to conceal the mess.

Main image courtesy: @dasheswithkarli and @kristinanailservis

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